Battle Scars

17 year old Emily Banks is bullied by everyone. Her family, her school, people online... They all hate her. She gets pushed against lockers, smacked, and kicked, and no one seems to care. Until, her bully starts to notice her scars, and her smile. Her beautiful smile, the one he has so ruthlessly taken away from her. Can Emily's bully save her, before it's too late?

*trigger warning*


8. Chapter 6

Emily's POV

My eyes slowly flutter open after what seems like an eternity. I have about ten seconds of a clear mind, before it all comes rushing back at me like a tidal wave. School. The texts. The car..? I think for a minute, unsure if I actually heard a car or if my messed up brain made it up.

Before I can come to any conclusions, a young looking nurse with a fake, shiny smile pops into the room. She says nothing to me, but she walks over to the IV I see for the first time, and toys with it. After she seems satisfied, she moves on to the computer next to my hospital bed, the one I had not noticed before. While she's clacking away with her long, fake red nails, I survey the room. In the left hand corner farthest from my bed, there's a spin chair, and a little bag that my IV connects to. On the opposite side's corner, there's a small medical station that has a shiny metal sink, and a few cabinets. The nurse's sudden movement catches draws my attention away from the bland room.

"This isn't the first time you've been in the critical care ward for self harm," She states. "Yeah I've been in critical care three times." I say, proudly. "Ok Hun, I'm gonna go grab you some medicine and there's a visitor for you, so I'll send him in." HIM? Who the hell came here to see me? A burning in my right wrist alerts my attention. For the first time since that night, I see my cut up wrists. Small and large cuts litter the once empty space, some new ones vertical instead of horizontal. As I'm studying my wrist, someone slowly opens the door. I can't believe who it is.

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