waking up in vegas

"why am I wearing an engagement ring?"
"where is the motel key?"
"stop shouting."
"where is my wallet?"
"oh my god."

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2. two

"good morning. how can I help you?"the middle aged receptionist greeted us with a pearly white smile. charlie and I exchanged a look before he stepped up towards her and I copied. 

"we've, uh, lost our motel key?"I spoke for charlie, earning the receptionists focus and a dirty look from charlie who was now rubbing his eyes.

"okay, no problem. I'll just need your room number....?"o
I scratched the back of my head and tugged on charlie's grey jumper.
oblivious to what was happening, charlie stood hunched over staring at the floor.

"charlie."i sighed expecting a movement or a grunt in reply.

"oi, dickhead!"I hissed at him just loud enough that only he heard me.

"what?" I rubbed my temple and rolled my eyes, seeing the receptionist frown at us in the corner of my eye.

"what's our room number?"

"what?"he snarled at me in a deep norning voice clearly confused.

"our room number....?" his realisation caused the receptionist to smile as she patiently waited.

"uh, 0708...I think." he ran a hand through his hair and readjusted his position, straightening his shoulders. the receptionist, who's name tag displayed the name Jodie in big bold letters, typed out number into her dusty computer screen.

"....and I'll need an id."

digging my hand in charlie's jumper pocket, it was empty. my eyes widened as I glared at charlie. he resumed his slouched position looking at his feet. I cleared my throat, which broke charlie out of his trance, his eyes meeting mine.

"um, charlie? she needs some id."

"haven't you got your-"

"charlie. just, get your id out."
he released a groan and fumbled in this back pockets for some id.
he then furrowed his brow, searching his front pockets and then his back ones again.
i forced a friendly laugh and pointed towards the stairs.

"wait, I think I remember where the key is!"I lied excusing us, gesturing for charlie to follow. when he smiled in jodie's direction, he followed me towards the stairs, waiting until we were round the corner to question me.

"what the fuck?"
"your welcome."
"what was that?" we turned a corner, locating our room as down the hall and in a corner

"you should be thanking me for saving our asses. I lost my fake id."
he rolled his eyes and let out a groan of annoyance.
nervously pulling on the strings of charlie's fluffy hoodie, I pushed out door fully open, removing the shoe that was holding it open, preventing us from being locked out then replacing it once we were inside. 

"now what, einstein? got any award winning ideas yet? and spare me the dirty looks."I snapped at him getting aggravated by the numerous dirty looks he was giving me.

he remained quiet and rubbed his head. his forehead was red and his eyes were bloodshot much like mine. he sat on the bed facing me as I remained stood.

the room began to spin and I started to feel dizzy, so I focused on charlie's Jack Daniels tank top stopping myself from throwing up.
i forced my tongue to the top of my mouth and clenched my fist, a trick my grandmother taught me to hold my stomach.

"chelse?" I started to bite my nails, as I regained awareness of my surroundings.

"chelsea." charlie's tired and gruff voice sounded thick with both concern and exhaustion.
"you alright?"
"no, you?"

my head felt hot as I walked over to our window figuring out how to open it.

rejoining charlie, he was standing over a sink filling up a cup. he turned around to face me and handed me the cold drink.
"...but I have an idea."

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