waking up in vegas

"why am I wearing an engagement ring?"
"where is the motel key?"
"stop shouting."
"where is my wallet?"
"oh my god."

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1. one

I woke up to the loud sound of a body dropping to the floor. My eyes fluttered open and I recognised the room as the Motel cabin.

White sheets were arranged messily across the bed and a loud groaning "ow" sounded from the smooth plank wooden floor.

"charlie, what the hell?"I moan at my idiot friend on the floor in a heap.

"stop shouting!"he whispers covering his ears with his hands.

"i'm not shouting. what happened?"

"what do you mean,''what happened?''?"charlie replies in a hushed tone.

I sigh smirking, spun around to meet the floor and stood up.

"I mean, what happened last night?"

"i don't frickin' remember."charlie rubs his temples and stands up. "your...um....phone?" I follow his gaze over to my iPhone buzzing on a tabletop.

"lets just get dressed and get out of here."charlie suggests. I agree with a small forced smile but furrow my brow as I notice a small diamanté engagement ring wrapped around my ring finger on my left hand. shrugging it off I roll my eyes and put it away in my makeup bag behind me.

"oi, charlie, where's the motel key?"i ask raising my voice. coughing I frantically search my surroundings.

"stop....just shut up, chelsea."snaps charlie angrily. I roll my eyes and charlie joins me in looking for the motel key.

"we've lost the fucking motel key."

"We?!"i exploded and charlie smacked his head on the bottom of the table.

"Shush."charlie groans reaching for his head. "we'll just go down to reception and ask for another one."

"They'll be a fine, smartass. we're broke- "i laugh lightly moving things around in front of me.

"please. just. stop talking."charlie whines. i rolled my eyes but took the hint.

"fine, lets go downstairs then. but you're paying, dickwad."

"shush!"charlie fake cried to me. I smirked and stood up hitting my head on the too of the table on the process.

"OW!"I yelped to charlie's dismayal.

"Shut. The Fuck. Up."charlie groaned smacking me round the face and smiling teasingly at my pain.

Pulling on charlie's baggiest jumper, I found some slippers and stayed in my pyjama shorts as the hem of the jumper reached my mid-thigh.

"Here."i whispered towards charlie throwing him some shades for his headache.

He turned around catching them in his left hand but already had some on with a grey shirt, some black skinny jeans and a grey dog-tag.

"Idiot."I groaned at him taking a last glance at the messy room, snatching his wallet from the table.

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