Trouble In Paradise

When her brother is kidnapped, her money is stolen and her car has been broken into, Fleur Granger feels she has no choice but to join the CSS (California Secret Service).


3. The Radio•Chapter 2

"Danny, WAKE UP!!" I screamed in his ear. He turned to grab me, but I crawled out the way in time. He groaned and stared at me with sleepy eyes.

"I wish you weren't such an early bird, Fleur, then you would know how this feels."

I giggled and pulled him out of bed, and dragged him into the dining room. I mean, I literally dragged him! He propped himself up in a chair as he listened to the radio. I did too;

"This just in, the serial killer, Hunter Chase, has just been the cause of yet ANOTHER mass murder! 123 men were killed, and 136 men, seriously injured. Again, no women were harmed. The murder took place in a small town 6 hours away from California..."

Danny froze. I'd never seen him so scared before. 6 hours away. That was it. That could have been him. Of course I'm safe, HE never hurt women, but Danny... Danny was all I had now. I couldn't let HIM anywhere near my brother. I'd rather die.


That night, Danny slept in my room. We had biscuits and hot chocolate, and we watched a movie. Jurassic Park, I think. The whole way through the film, Danny was tense. He was still scared, I knew it, but I would never let HIM anywhere near Danny.

He went to sleep after the credits had rolled, and I could hear him breathing deeply next to me. We looked nothing alike, with my long, brown hair, and his short blonde locks, people think we're dating. Ha! I thought about work for a few minutes then fell into a restless sleep.


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