Trouble In Paradise

When her brother is kidnapped, her money is stolen and her car has been broken into, Fleur Granger feels she has no choice but to join the CSS (California Secret Service).


4. Danny?•Chapter 3

I yawned and stretched as I woke up. I felt around for Danny to get him to wake up, he wasn't there. I panicked, and jumped out of bed. I ran through the flat, only to find that he wasn't there.

As I turned to get my phone, something caught my eye. Several deep scratches on the wall by the door. I peered closer and saw the door slightly ajar. The lock was broken, and the scuffs on the side of it showed it was forced open.

My hand immediately flew to my mouth as I realised what had happened. Danny had been kidnapped. I stared at the carpet to find that there were several small spots of blood leading to the door. I don't know how long I was stood there, but I only came to my senses when I heard my phone ring in the other room.

My hand shook when I picked up the phone, and I could hear my voice waver when I said;

"H-hello? Granger household."

"Hello sweetheart," I heard them say, "We understand you have come to some distress?"

"W-who is this?" I demanded, angrily.

"This is the CSS, and you are Fleur Granger, am I right?"

" did you know...?"

"Let's not worry about that now. Today, 4:30, behind Burger Star. Don't be late." And with that he cut the line. Just then, I heard a beeping sound from my phone. Instinctively, I dropped it and stepped away, not knowing what was going on.

BOOM. My phone exploded into thousands of tiny fragments. I just stared at it, my jaw slack with shock. My. Phone. Just. Exploded. I let out a slow breath I didn't know I was holding in. I had to go to Burger Star. For Danny. Then I got dressed and waited for 4:30 to come...

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