Trouble In Paradise

When her brother is kidnapped, her money is stolen and her car has been broken into, Fleur Granger feels she has no choice but to join the CSS (California Secret Service).


5. CSS;Chapter 5

It was time. 4:30 had finally come, and they would be here any minute.

I carefully straightened the creases out of the black dress I wore and gently tucked my small pocket knife deeper into the folds of my scarf. I knew it was stupid to come, but if they really were the CSS...then they could help.

I tensed as I heard a quiet car cruise up the back alley. I turned around and saw a tall dark man step out of a jet black BMW. Not the car I was expecting but ok.

"Miss Granger?" I looked up into tall-dark-and-mysterious's face.


"We would prefer you to come to a location to talk about this."

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