This is my novel


2. t w o

My palm was flat against the cool glass of the window as I watched the edge of the Wasteland fade into the distance. In front us the tall skyscrapers of the Union was coming into view. People looked like specks of dirt on the cement roads.


The helicopter slowly started descending towards a landing pad on top of a building. When the helicopter touched the pad, the engines started dying down. The man who brought me i the helicopter stood up and shoved the door open and pushed me out. I stumbled onto the rooftop and squinted my eyes against the sunlight piercing the air.  


I was on what seemed like the tallest building in the Union. Below, clouds surrounded the mid part of the skyscraper.


Behind me, I heard the door of the helicopter close and start ascending towards the cloudless sky. The who pushed me out had come out too. He came up behind me and escorted me towards a door with a keypad. He punched in a code and the door opened with a click. Behind the door was a set of stairs leading down. We went down the stairs which ended up in a white hallway. The walls were bare and floor was polished clean.


At the end of the hallway was a woman walking towards us. She was wearing a clean cut suit and her flaming red hair was tied into a bun.


The man grunted a quick hello and introduced me to the woman.


“Ava, this is Haven Ryne. She is the one you wanted from the village out in the Wasteland.”


She smiled at me. It didn’t seem fake like the others. It seemed genuine.


“Good, Carson. You can leave now.’’


He nodded and retreated back to the stairs.


“Haven, I am the director here at the lab. You can call me Ava.”


I nodded absently and glanced around trying to get a sense of the place.


“We are so happy you could come. We just wanted to run some tests on you as you seem very special and may be of extreme importance to us.”


That got my attention. Never in a million years would I be special. Until now I was just a girl living in the Wasteland.


“Haven, please follow me.”


She turned and started walking towards a door to a door at the end of the hallway. I stumbled after her. Behind the door was an elevator bank. Ava pressed a button and an elevator opened. Once inside, she swiped a key card and the elevator started ascending.


“Ava, can you please tell me what is going on?”


“Haven, all questions will be answered after the tests.”


I hope she was telling the truth.


The elevator opened again and we entered into a hallway. Ava led me towards a door that said LAB and pushed it open.


Inside, there were tables and tables filled with beakers and test tubes. In the corner there was a strange looking machine that was whirring with energy.


Ava led me to a testing table and picked up a sharp syringe.


“Ok, have you ever had a blood test before.”


I shook my head.


“Great, then this will be your first time. It just draws your blood so we can see if it is healthy or not and if you have any infections or diseases.”


She dabbed my arm with alcohol and plunged the syringe in. I felt a little poke and saw blood streaming out of a pipe and into a test tube. When it was done she took the syringe out and put on a bandaid.


She smiled and brought me to the strange looking machine and told me to lay down. I hesitated before climbing up and laying down.


“This is going to map your body and brain and tell us if your heart and other organs are working fine. The brain map will tell us your mental development.”


So they will basically find out the whole history of my life and all my memories.


Ava tapped a button on a screen next to the machine and the machine groaned and started up. A dome closes over my body and green lights start flashing, scanning me.


Are they really scanning my body? Why would they scan me? I am just a girl from the Wasteland. Who am I? Why am I here?


Questions circled my mind as the scan finished up. The dome ascended and Ava was looking at me with a smile.


What’s with her and her smiles?


When I got up I glanced at the screen next to the machine and saw a silhouette of my body slowly taking shape. Above it my brain was being formed. When the animation finished, Ava frowned and said, “Hmm. That’s strange.” She tapped a button on the keyboard and the page refreshed. My body and brain showed up again, the same way. Ava shook her head as if she wanted to get rid of her worries.


“Haven, your brain is very interesting and I can see that you are very talented. Your brain patterns are quite different from the average human brain. Do you go to school out in the Wasteland?”


Well, I went to school up until sixth grade, After that I had to stop to help Mama with her work.


I nodded.


“Haven, you must have been doing work that the other kids were not on yet.”


I nodded again and said “I went to school until sixth grade. I stopped at quadratic formulas.”


“Haven, you know at sixth grade that is quite a feat.”


I knew that already.


“Okay, we are done with the tests. If you want to rest we can set up a room for you and I can send somebody to give you food.”


“Yes, please”


Ava took out a walkie talkie from her pocket and spoke into it. “Janson, send somebody to bring food up for test subject # 235.”


We went back to the elevators and it took us up to highest floor. After we exited the first thing I noticed was how nice it looked compared to the village. To my right, there was a small living room with two sofas and a coffee table in the middle. Plants decorated window sills and tables. Beyond the living room was a kitchen fully loaded with things that we only heard of in the village, dishwashers, refrigerators, and microwaves.


“This is going to be your living quarters for some time. Your bedroom is behind the door at the end of the hallway. Remember if you need anything there is a button on the wall in your room.”


And with that she left.


I glanced around, trying to get a feel of the space. This was going to be my place. All mine. I can’t believe it. Back in the village, we had to share a space that was smaller than this, and here I get a whole floor all to myself.


I went to the kitchen and opened up the cabinets. Behind them were pots and pans. When I opened up the drawers, they were filled with forks, knives, and spoons.


All this for me.


I heard the elevator ring open and a woman came in with a tray of food. She set it on the table and smiled.


“Hello, I am Ira Hollinger. I will bring whatever you need or want.”


Her voice was oddly and slightly mechanical. I went up to her and peered into her eyes. They seemed human enough but I didn’t get that human vibe from her. When she moved her arms they were jerky.


She was a robot. To my surprise I was not startled by this fact. Maybe it was because the Union seemed to have everything you could think of.


It was cool though. A robot servant.


After Ira left, I went to see what the food was. On the tray there was a plate of what looked like pieces of meat. On the side was a bit of salad, a piece of cake, and a glass of a brownish orange liquid. I sniffed the food before gobbling it up like I hadn’t had food for days. I hesitantly drank the refreshment and it tasted like sweet apples.


My lunch was over. Now what do I do. In the village I was always busy with chores and work and I always had a good book to read.


I went to my room and saw the button on the wall right next to the bed. It was bright red and it looked dangerous, like it would blow up the floor. I hesitantly pushed it and a small secret panel on the wall slid open and a speaker came out.


A mechanical voice said “How may I help you, Haven?”


“Send some classic books to my living space.”


“Will do.”


The speaker retreated and the panel closed with a click. Almost immediately the elevator pinged open. Ira came out and placed a stack of books on the table in the living room. She nodded and left the room without saying a word.


I glanced at the titles and they were famous books like Pride and Prejudice and To Kill a Mockingbird. All books I have read and love.


The next few hours were spent by reading. When the sun was about to set, Ira came in again and brought dinner.


“Haven, this is your last prepared meal. I will be bringing bags of groceries tomorrow and you will have to cook on your own.”


She spun around and went back to the elevators.


Dinner was excellent, made up of baked fish and rice, salad, and water. I ate and started getting ready for bed. The bathrooms was tiled and the countertops were covered in dark granite. Way better than what we had in the village. In the village we all had to share a cracked sink that often ran out of water.


The bed is large with a thick patterned quilt. I snuggled up in there and it was so warm I never wanted to come out.


I would have no trouble falling asleep here.




It was three in the morning and I was still awake, tossing and turning. I was thinking of Mama and the rest of the family. I missed my bed, even if it was nothing compared to this one. I wonder what Mama must be thinking. Does she worry for me? Does she think I am kidnapped?


Oh how I wish I could bring them here and show them all the things the Union has. All the things that have been missing from our lives for a very long time. So many things that will make our lives better.


My brothers must be peacefully sleeping. Do they even realize that I am gone. Most of the time they are too busy in their own games and fights that they pay no attention to me.  


The clock struck four in the morning when I finally fell into a restless sleep, dreaming about tomorrow.





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