This is my novel


3. t h r e e

Sunlight pierced through the window in my room. My hair was plastered to face with sweat and my body was tangled up into the quilt.


I threw the quilt off, went to the bathroom, changed. When I exited the room I saw two huge paper bags overflowing with groceries.


Oh right, I have to make my own breakfast today. Mama had taught me a few basic things back in village but nothing extravagant and fancy.


I sprinted to the kitchen and started emptying out the bags. Out came eggs, milk, veggies, fruits, and various spices. I put everything in the fridge and cabinets, started frying an egg, and tried to figure out how to use the toaster. After a while I got it and finally pushed down the lever with a click.   


It was lonely eating breakfast without the family. I was staring at the other chairs around the dining table and imagined them sitting in them. There was enough food for all of us to last a whole month. It was crazy how much there was in the Union and how much there was in the Wasteland, which was only one hundred miles away.


Back in the village, they taught us that the Union was cruel. That they did nothing for us and they never will. Maybe, they aren’t that cruel. If they just learned to share what they had with the rest of the world then all would be good.


But no, because the world is not like that. It is a dark and vile place where the ultimate destiny is death.


I finished up breakfast, picked up my book, and started reading again. The next several hour passed like this before Ava came into the living room from the elevator.


“Hello, Haven. How is your stay here. I hope you are not uncomfortable.”


When I said nothing she continued on.


“Remember when I told you that your brain is very interesting. Well, we would like to run some more tests on it and maybe compare it to the brains of kids your age.”


Tested again? I just got tested a couple of days ago.


She held out her hand, welcoming me to grab it. I hesitantly pulled myself up and ignored her hand. Walking to the elevator I glanced back and saw Ava frowning. When she saw me looking, she quickly regained her composure and briskly walked behind me. I pressed the button and the elevator opened up.


I had a plan but I wasn’t sure if it was going to work.


When Ava stepped in she pressed the button for the 5th floor. Good, I had time.


I carefully stepped backwards and casually leaned on the wall. Her key card was sticking out of her back pocket. I extended my fingers until they brushed the card and I clasped my hands around it and pulled it out. I quickly hid in my pant pocket and straightened up.


The elevator opened up when I exclaimed “Oh, I forgot something in my room. Can I go back up to get it.”


Ava spun around and asked, “What is it?”


“It’s my necklace that I always wear. It was a gift from Mama.” I quickly made up something and held my breath, willing Ava to let me go on my own.


She pondered over my request.


“I can send someone to get it--”


“No, I would feel better if I went up there myself. I hid somewhere they won’t find it.”


She glanced at me and I tried to make my eyes go big and innocent. Ava took a deep breath before saying, “Very well, you may go. I will be in the lab down the hall.”


I held in my scream of joy and stumbled back into the elevator before slamming on the button for the top floor. I felt for the key card where I had it. Good, it was still there and my plan was working.


When it stopped at the top floor I pushed a button again for the bottom floor, which would hopefully exit the building. The door opened up to the bottom floor and I walked out with purpose.


The hall was empty. This seemed to be too easy. I would assume there would be security guards everywhere.


I started looking around for the exit but there seemed to be none.


Where did I come in from? Oh, yes the roof, where the helicopter had landed.


I ran to the elevator again, closed the door before someone saw me, and pushed the button for the top floor.


When it opened up, I ran to the kitchen and stuffed my pockets with crackers and biscuits, and slammed through the door marked ROOF.

This was too easy and I didn’t even need the key card.


The outside air was warm and felt good compared to the air conditioned building. In the middle was the helicopter landing pad. On the side, I noticed the top rung of a ladder peeking from behind the railing.


I grabbed first rung and started climbing down. Below me, I could see tips of buildings and faint wisps of clouds. I felt a pang of nausea and continued.


When my foot felt the ground I jumped and landed with a screech and ran as fast as I could through the dark alleys of the Union.


I ran until my feet ached, my back sore, and I stopped to rest. The sun was slowly setting and the lights of the buildings were soon flickering on.


I stood up and continued to walk at a slower pace. I needed to find somewhere to sleep here. Somewhere warm and protected me from the frigid winds of the night.


The alleys were filled with trash and litter. Soon, I found a large cardboard box sitting in the corner of a small path. I sat sat under it and covered my body with the box. I had enough room to spread out arms and legs on either side. This would do for the night.


At this moment, I do not care if I am homeless and am living on the streets.


I am free.     


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