This book is about a girl named Dylan who gets kidnapped...when she gets out her kidnapped dies and shes gets blame for it. She meets 4 boys in jail for the same reason she in...their all incident..but comes to find isn't jail is jail but is...


4. wake up

Dylan P.O.V

I woke up in a different car

I wasn't in tied up

The phone was still with me, i slid it in the pocked before he hit me

I called a random number again

Dani picked up, shes on speed dial

"Dani can u hear me" i said into the phone

"Yh a little, are u okay" she said

"I need help" i said


The phone call got disconnected

(I called 911)

"Plz help me" i said

"Whats your emergency" the lady

"Ive been kidnapped, I'm in a trunk" i said really fast

"Im going to need u to stay calm" she said


"Tell me about your self" she said

"My name is Dylan ambers, I'm 17, my (address)" i said

" i sent out alert and i have your location, the cops are on their way ok sweetheart"

"okay thank you"i said

"np just stay on the line, can i tell me whats with h like tools" she said slowly

"theirs a hammer, knife, nails and a shovel" i said about to cry

the car engine turned off

"he's coming"

the trunk door opened, he quietly took the phone and said nice talking to you for the last time

i took the hammer and hit him in the head, i kept hitting him till the sirens came...i fell to the floor crying.

the cops came and asked if i was alright.

they put me in the back of the truck.

The cop was in the front when he said "the suspect is in the car where taking her into custody WP"

This is not the end. Sorry for not updating more. This is just the beginning. U guys will get to know what WP means later. Why shes a suspect and why shes in custody/ whos many whats and who lol.. This is really bad authors note so luv ya guys bye


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