This book is about a girl named Dylan who gets kidnapped...when she gets out her kidnapped dies and shes gets blame for it. She meets 4 boys in jail for the same reason she in...their all incident..but comes to find isn't jail is jail but is...


2. 1

Dylan P.O.V

I was kidnapped by my father co-worker.

I was walking at the park when he came up to me and told me my father sent him to come and get me. I didn't think anything of it, he cane snd got me once..

Im stuck in a trunk tied up. Im not crying, i don't want to show him I'm weak.

"HELP" i scream hoping someone would here but he had his music blasting.

I remembered i had a phone in my pocket.

I tried to grab it but couldn't. I just kept hitting my back on the floor of the trunk trying to call someone. I succeeded.

"Hello hello" i said

"Hey dylan" someone said

"Who is this" i said back

"Dani" she said

"Omg dani i need help I've been kidnapped" i said

She started laughing " is this one of your prank calls again"

"No plz i need help I'm not kidding, im in a trunk tied up, i cant see anything please call the cops" i said franticly

"Omg ok ok 1 sec, hello 991 my friend had been kidnapped she said into the phone"

The music stopped and I heard the door open and close with foot step walking towards me..

I started to scream when he opened the trunk

"SHUT UP HE YELLED AT ME" he yelled at me

"Dylan are you ok plz answer me" dani said into the phone

"Whats that" the guy said

"Nothing" was all i said

He punched me in the face

I blocked out

Hey guys, i hope you liked chapter one. Not sure if this chapter is good but ill write a longer one tomorrow bye


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