Diary of a School Spy

Anna, an average 13 year old girl goes to Blue Lake School. She meets a few friends, join the newspaper squad, and make a squad of her own. Her rank in the newspaper group is The Spy. Always catching juicy gossip going around the school. But especially, ruining the mean girls reputation.

Find out what happens in the story-or diary- about Anna.


3. September 11

School was pretty normal until lunch. Trust me, never be there in lunch! Food fights, arguements, gossip, and most of all. The food--disgusting! Good thing I brought my home lunch and started eating them right away since my first day had started. I sat at a table alone and avoided mostly everything. Once I finished my lunch, I decided to explore the school, without asking a teacher or coming with anyone. I passed by the girls' bathroom when I was going to use it, then I saw a paper on a desk near the door. I read it and it said, Newspaper Group! Collecting everything around the school. Sign here your first and last name  before October 1st. After, NOBODY will be able to join. Meet-ups after school, lunch, and awfter-periods. 

List of signed up people (SIGN HERE IF WISH TO JOIN!):

Lizzie Carter

Bryan Ray

Jennifer Amis

Llloyd Jone

Emma Buna

So once I finally read it all, I took the chance and signed my name right below "Emma Buna" I wrote my name differently than the others. It even looked weird.

Emma Buna

Anna Bodmontes

Especially if my name was Anna Bodmontes. Everyone used to tease me about my last name in 3rd grade. Wasnt fun. But if anyone knew my last name in this school, my whole life would be ruined. "Hey- Stammerdorkinstein." Someone called from behind me as I erased Bodmontes. I replaced it with Anna Mine. "What the hell do you want?" I narrowed my eyes into slits. The four girls, of course. "Signing up for the Nerdpapers, or Newsdorkers?" The same girl that tried to confront me. My life is literally ending. I ignored her, took something out of the slimy garbage can, and put it on her. Then I walked away like nothing happened. Typical me after lunch.


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