Diary of a School Spy

Anna, an average 13 year old girl goes to Blue Lake School. She meets a few friends, join the newspaper squad, and make a squad of her own. Her rank in the newspaper group is The Spy. Always catching juicy gossip going around the school. But especially, ruining the mean girls reputation.

Find out what happens in the story-or diary- about Anna.


2. September 10

Next day of school. I felt great. I ran out the door before Mom could give me a hug and I just jolted up the bus. There were no empty seats, so I just sat next to some boy. But when I looked at him, I couldn't believe my eyes. "Oh h-" I started, then getting pushed over by another boy. "Hey!" Shouted the guy next to me. "Let the girl sit ehre', bro!" The pushing guy sighed and went to a seat in the back, with a girl giggling and him mumbling. "Yes, my name is Jackson." The guy held out his hand to me. I shook it then blushed. "I'm... I forgot-!" I stammered. Oh how stupid of me was that? I forgot my own name. "I mean, my name isnt I forgot, its-" Oh, even worse. "Ahmnuh!" I shouted. "Anna-" I sighed, then covered my face. Jackson just stared at me like I was crazy. "Oh my god, I'm sorry-" I sighed, wishing we were at school already. The day had already started bad, and I thought it would be good like yesterday! I haven't even made friends yet! 

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