Diary of a School Spy

Anna, an average 13 year old girl goes to Blue Lake School. She meets a few friends, join the newspaper squad, and make a squad of her own. Her rank in the newspaper group is The Spy. Always catching juicy gossip going around the school. But especially, ruining the mean girls reputation.

Find out what happens in the story-or diary- about Anna.


4. October 1

I had decided to write about this in the diary, because the other days had no juicy stuff! So, the first period I wished to end. Good it was 45 minutes. I couldnt concentrate and looked and the clock everytime. When the teacher called me I yelled out "45" because thats how long I was waiting. Everyone just laughed. On the bell, I was the first one out, running down to the library. Everyone sat in desks, waiting for roles to be past out. I didn't know what I would get! I really hope that I get a reporter or writer. But guess what. I got to watch everyone do their work and take care of property! What kind of job was that! I complained but got a response that if I complain again, I would be out of the club. A few people came over to accompany me. Lizzie and Emma. Only two! Well, I could at least try to be their friends since I have had none now since the first day of school, all the way to October. I was really pissed when Lloyd started joking about how I had a bad part in the newspaper group. I would have punched him if only we werent in the library or anywhere with teachers. Even though there were no teachers here, I acted like a goody goody. Timothy, our head director, came up to me and said an awesome thing! "How would you like to be ranked up?" He asked, Lloyd just gasped and I smirked. I smirk a lot, honestly. I barely smile. "Yes!" I cheered, waiting for an answer. Long silence, did I say something wrong? I'm so dumb.. But Timothy answered with a smile. "You." He began. "You will collect gossip, anything juicy, newspaper worthy and give it to us. You will be.."


"The School Spy."


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