Diary of a School Spy

Anna, an average 13 year old girl goes to Blue Lake School. She meets a few friends, join the newspaper squad, and make a squad of her own. Her rank in the newspaper group is The Spy. Always catching juicy gossip going around the school. But especially, ruining the mean girls reputation.

Find out what happens in the story-or diary- about Anna.


1. September 9

It was the first day of school as I walked down the hall, in a weird way. Everyone watched me from their blue lockers how I lifted one foot on my toes, then slammed my other foot down. It looked like my foot was broken. Some kids didn't laugh. I only appreciated them. Some tried to hold it in, but others just burst out laughing and slamming their faces on their own lockers, My backpack swayed side to side, the fact that I had it on one of my shoulders, not on my back. I started to mumble gibberish under my breath to try and make the other kids stop laughing. But it made them think I was the grumpy type or something. It felt like forever just to get to my locker, but I had finally made it. Plenty kids stopped watching me, a group of four girls just kept watching and laughed when I put my backpack in the locker. I mean, how is that funny in any type of way? They probably werent laughifn at what I was doing, but the jokes they made up about me. I can just hear them, right behind me, but a little to the side of my right ear. I turned around, and they stopped talking immediently. But one of them-who was blonde- chuckled lowly. Seriously, I'm not deaf if they could understand that. I walked over to them, seeing I was a slight inch taller than the blonde. "Hey." A brown-blond haired girl called me. "What's your name? Stumbling-girl?" She smirked. The three other girls laughed like it was the funniest joke in the world. Seriously, I don't get this school! "Listen, funny girl." I put in, giving a hard death glare. The girls stopped laughing and stared at me if I were to hurt them. "My name's Anna, and I bet yours is joker-stink?" Wow, way to go me. That was such a weird word to say, but at least it's probably funnier and a better insult than stumbling-girl. "Hey, how about you go on Google for more insults?" I added with a smirk. Just that moment, I felt everyone staring at us. "How about you go to Walmart for better clothing!" The girl stammered, getting angry every second. I smirked, knowing my plan was working. "Well, we talking bout clothes now are we?" I scoffed. "How about you go on Ask.com and ask how to properly argue better." I then walked away, getting my books before the bell rang. It would soon. "Hey." The girl came over to me with a shove. "Scared I'll send another statement after you?" Right, like I was scared. "In yo dreams gurl." I rolled my eyes, and walked away.

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