A little imagine I made because I haven't posed in a while and I like this


1. Goodbye

Luke's POV

I sat there and stared at her. Her conscious body just lying there. Her eyes gently closed. I just sat in my seat and waited.

Just waited.

Waited for her to wake up again. Waited to take her home with me. I waited to feel her lips press against mine again. All I did was wait.

After what seemed like hours, I saw a twitch in her body. She made such little movement.. but it was a sign. A sign that she would soon wake. But how far away was soon? Was soon going to be close?

When I came back to the room from a little time thinking to myself, I saw nurses crowded around Y/N's bed.

"What's happening?!" I asked trying to push my way through.

"Sir we need you to leave and wait." Said a Nurse pointing me out the door. I tried shoving my way through but she grabbed my shoulders and pushed me out of the door and out into the halfway.

Wait. I had to wait again. I sighed and paced around for awhile.

Once the nurses filed out I ran into the room. My eyes darted to Y/N who was awake.. very tired, but awake.

I took a seat next to her bed and held her hand. She cautiously moved her head towards me and whispered very quietly a quick hello. I stared into her eyes and thought of all the memories we had together. All of our dates, our times we sat and cuddled on the couch.. The time I sang her a song I wrote just for her. I held her hand snug for a good few minutes and whispered back "I've missed you."

We stared at each other for another few minutes. My eyes searching for something in hers that would tell me how she felt. Describe to me what her words couldn't. One thing I could find though were the sparkles in her eyes. They were always there. And they still were but vaguely.

"Goodbye," Y/N said as her voice gave out. Goodbye? Why did she say that? I am not going anywhere.


I looked back into her eyes which were now closed. Her head fell back and the heart monitor started beeping like crazy. Meaning only one thing.

Meaning, life gave up on her.

I slid off the chair and onto my knees as I kneeled by her bed. I grabbed her hand and squeezed it so tight. I squeezed it so tight it was impossible to break us apart. I lingered my fingers through her soft brown hair.

"My sweet Y/N," I whispered. "Oh Y/N, why did this have to happen to you?!" I started to shout as tears rolled down my face.

"Y/N!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I laid my head down on the bed and continued to squeeze her hand.

"Goodbye my love." I whispered

"Goodbye..." My voice trailed off into sobs.

A few minutes later nurses rushed into the room. A few trying to unhook all of her equipment and a few trying to get me out of the room but I wouldn't budge. Not even an inch. Eventually, two guards came in and dragged me out. Literally dragged me away from my beautiful sweet heart... 💔

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