Black Romance

The story is about a 23 year old woman and lives in a mansion where she is adopted her mystery is finding her love in het life and when she sees her dreamlover a lawyer Landon and their love is a mystery of dreams her party ways are over when she met him when they fell in love in a place that was dangerous to not let understand by people who want to be able to carry out.


8. Work of Art

Landon and Valerie were in love and finding out if would she be with him forever she is sometimes intimadating people but not this time she has treating him well as a person who loves who he is so as her changing her ways through one through ten she has been wanting to do more than going on dates she really wants to be in a relationship with him but she learns to slow things down when you're in love with a person that people moves too fast valerie wants to join the night way. Last night she had a dream that someone else was in her life she feels alive that her kisses were sweet and his hands near her was a great feeling when you're falling in love that dream that she had was eventually more than one dream going on with her landon woke her up and saw that he had flowers and breakfast for her waiting in the doorstep he went outside in the cold weather of bliss it goes on and on reading the palm of her hands seeing him being the love that she makes the blues and bringing all the passion. Landon ask her would she be in a relationship with him she will be honored to be his girlfriend they kiss the morning before dawn it was cold getting used to the atomsphere when she is around landon problem with this is new to her too landon has plans to go to Paris for his birthday he can afford it but looking for the right time to go with someone special with experience that has a lot to do with loving hopes and dreams. The way that things are going well valerie is going to surprise him with going to paris for his next birthday valerie hopes if she can make landon dreams come true the wishes that he made is all in Paris so valerie anr landon might go to Paris soon once she gets herself together and thinking about what she is going to do if she has got what she is looking for. 

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