Black Romance

The story is about a 23 year old woman and lives in a mansion where she is adopted her mystery is finding her love in het life and when she sees her dreamlover a lawyer Landon and their love is a mystery of dreams her party ways are over when she met him when they fell in love in a place that was dangerous to not let understand by people who want to be able to carry out.


2. The Girls Allowed

All the girls are invited to this club that was in a different city and the problem is far out of where they live gigi borrows valerie lipstick for the club and they already party enough but they're older now they both said "don't care" gigi started to wear her dress and high heels they went to the car and drove to the club they saw the club all the girls had a great time at the fact that they had all liked the drinks tonight they were wild just having fun is all they have. Gigi stayed in the hotel for the night then go home their parents called home and got grounded well they're used to it all the other girls got in trouble for going somewhere without permission and more importantly the girls are going to that club yesterday was a great opportunity to have fun. Avery throwed a rock told Valerie to come outside it's very cold they went to the car and whatever else to do is run some errands for valerie parents they were saying don't be out late they weren't going to do run errands they going to another party at the abandoned home that they were in the police came this time because they were so loud and dangerous the neighbors call them and this time they getting away with partying they have to keep it quiet or else they go to jail they really don't want their parents to find out valerie is staying at the house so did others that was in the party  everyone else went out to buy breakfast at a local convincent store their parents were calling them everyone was drunk and high at the same time. Gigi went outside to smoke and they have been not focusing on school and the problem is they don't graduate things can get very serious real about some of them didn't know that they have school today right about now this was their tenth time being late to class they hope to be able to pass so they can have a chance to gradute and good grades. 

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