Black Romance

The story is about a 23 year old woman and lives in a mansion where she is adopted her mystery is finding her love in het life and when she sees her dreamlover a lawyer Landon and their love is a mystery of dreams her party ways are over when she met him when they fell in love in a place that was dangerous to not let understand by people who want to be able to carry out.


4. Experience

A new girl came to town around valerie school she wanted to have fun around the world with good people her name is Bella she is shy to people she met valerie before and was going to tell her secrets of her being the outcast as a shy person when she was being gothic everything is going well for valerie because she finally got her schoolwork done she is still grounded over her behavior. Her songs from her favorite singer is so awesome she thought that her personal life would be ruin if someone will tell her secret that new girl was her name for valerie to call her bella went to her locker and gigi saw her and had the chanve to know her but gigi got too uncomfortable with bella knows valerie. Gigi and Valerie talk later on they gave her the address to go to a party to hang out with them everyone thought that they have lost their mind inviting a new girl to come the rules were suppose to have experience with being able to express themselves they were like confused when valerie came into the picture she fit in really well so did gigi she got used to it when she was hanging with them valerie went to the party then went home she told gigi that she was too much tired when she went here at least she got some sleep. Bella first day of school and seeing valerie and gigi being gothic was her last thing to worry about their secrets was just that one night she wasn't innconnect when she knew that they was messing around with two guys that they barley knew when they were in high school that when it happened bella is going to get them back because of how they were treating her not like her actual friend who has their back when they need them at times gigi went to do her homework her maid was too tired of doing other people dirty work she quitted yesterday she wondering what would happened to her drink she has to get it herself she call avery to help her with their homework assignments avery has high point average with all of her grades she doesn't party all day and night she has a limited time for partying and spending time with Asthon. The experience thay bella is going to have is going to be a problem for them if they don't know where they came from when they were hanging with bella this whole time since they started caring less about school and a lot more of partying they don't know what to expect from bella. 

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