Black Romance

The story is about a 23 year old woman and lives in a mansion where she is adopted her mystery is finding her love in het life and when she sees her dreamlover a lawyer Landon and their love is a mystery of dreams her party ways are over when she met him when they fell in love in a place that was dangerous to not let understand by people who want to be able to carry out.


5. Blues

The sweet spot of bella isn't over yet because she have tricks under her sleeve her track is to bring so call cool kids down by the way they treated her back in the day and everything is breaking loose once bella came back she was the only person is letting valerie and gigi getting away from all the chaos they went throughout high school with bella knows how it goes as being rebellious they just careless and doesnt be scared of anything that has to do with revenge gigi was scared of bella because of how much trouble she was towards them when she used to party with them now valerie knew so much about bella that she couldn't even think about or imagine. Valerie and gigi are telling the crowd about bella and how they used to be friends with her everyone has to be in a safe place when she comes to the party tonight gigi want to beat bella down for her actions and Valerie is very easy going sometimes when it comes to Bella her mind goes some place else this was the gothic world to them it was dangerous when bella was being unreasonable about her trouble ways everyone else thought that she is nice and sweet on the outside she can be multipative and a rude person that likes to get people back for not doing what people want her to do. Gigi and Valerie has been best friends forever and bella wants to break up their friendship over the drama that they had since high school and now during freshman year things are about to get tricky because everything needs to be able to safe valerie knew that was bella at the doorway gigi went along with Valerie so bella bought men that was way older than them so much that she had to get back at them the moment was lost being bothered with bella bringing the antics and being dramatic so this was a hard pill to swallow if they don't be done with this battle once and for all. 

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