Poems from my weird mind

random poems


5. Together until the end

I seek both your heart and your body.

That's why I speak so bawdy.

I do as you do no mater how strange.

for my love for you will never change.


I hope that we stay side by side.

even though all you do is lie.

my heart will be heavy with regret.

if we were to fall under threat.


but if you truly want to leave.

and to leave me alone just to grieve.

I wont stand by and let you walk.

for behind you I will  closely stalk.


so remember to never go.

for my hatred will just grow.

and if you suddenly find another.

with a pillow I will smother.


with lots of love and care.

together we will share.

our felling on the fend.

our lives until the end.








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