Poems from my weird mind

random poems


2. The colour of red fiery passion

the colour of roses or the colour of wine.

both so sweet and divine.

so I wonder why it is a colour to fear.


it's a colour that represents life and death.

we see when someone young takes a final breath.

but its so beautiful and bright isn't it my dear?.


its a sight of changing of season.

can I give you another reason.

to prove that red is the best.


I love it as a form of a present.

not always having to be pleasant.

its the colour of fiery red passion.


but most of all the colour of red.

is seen when one is dead.

yes the best red is blood.


I can stand to the side.

calm and deadly like a tide.

waiting to tare you apart.


with my weapon of choice.

I wait to rejoice.

and to kill you with my lovely scythe.


I love to hear you scream.

oh how it makes me beam.

as my chainsaw cuts you in two.


I hope you have seen.

the meaning of my being.

and believe in what I do.











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