Holy Fadoodle Cakes

When a fuckboy(Luke) meets a not so innocent girl named Nicole his life totally flips upside down. (SORRY ITS CLICHÉ BUT IM BORED ✌��️)


2. meeting him 😳

okay well here goes nothing I guess


Nicole's POV

I try my best to get out of the coffee shop without him noticing me. KEYWORD IS TRY. Well of course I trip but fortunately don't fall on my face I just almost fall. He asks if I was okay and I say I'm okay but then we just keep on talking. I find out it is Luke Hemmings. Well I find out that he's in a band with three other people and their band is called 5 Seconds Of Summer.. I haven't gotten a chance to describe myself, well I'm Natalie and I have burgundyish hair because i dyed it red but my hair was already dark when I was dying it. My eyes are blue and quite close to Luke's but I also have glasses. I know I'm a mole rat. But anyways I'm chubby but I'm not the chubbiest girl in the world but I have lots of chub.. I usually dress in dark colors. But yeah that's me.. Back to Luke and I. We start to walk together and start to talk "so did you always live here?" He asks "oh, uh no actually I'm from America. The accent probably helps" I replied while smiling "oh cool, well I actually have to get going but I would like to hang out again.. You seem like a cool girl,could I possibly get your number?" He shyly asks "oh uh sure" I then give him my number and he gives his to mine and we both go our separate ways. I then get home and it's about 5:30 so I just stay in bed for the rest of the night texting Luke..

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