7. chapter 7


Author's note: sorry it's short!

Eve's POV

"Wanna make out?" Was all I heard before I looked up from my book at a weary eyed Michael, smiling weakly at me.

It was a shock. I'd had a crush on the guy since second grade and now he decides to ask me out?!

I looked up and stood up and kiss him. I had to. Those plump lips couldn't wait anymore.

It was electric.


Luke's POV

Although I loved Nicole, she had a couple things that I didn't like.

She got angry very easily. She would yell at me for the most random things. She would even give my arm a slap if it got too far. Sometimes she would call me names. Even though she would apologize after it was killing me inside.

She was bipolar. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. It really interfered with our relationship. She would let me tease her, just banter for a minute, but the next minute she'd be crying and saying I was mean. It made me feel horrible.

She was clingy. Yes, it was cute. But she didn't realize I had other commitments besides our relationship. She would make me skip band practice because I didn't cuddle with her enough.

It was getting out of hand.

"Nicole?" I spoke calmly.

"Yes Lukey?" She walked in.

Oh god. This was going to break her.

"Nicole, you know I love you, but-" I was cut off by an angry Nicole.

"YOU SAID I WAS PERFECT!" She screamed, echo of it bouncing off the tunnels of my ears.

"You are baby, it's just y-" She cut me off again.

"Fuck off, Luke." She walked out.

The love of my life walked out. And I was the reason for it. It was my fault. She hated me. I hated me too.

I rummaged through cabinets until I found an orange pill bottle.

Thoughts ran around my head.

Do I really want to do this? Yes. Of course you do. Everything is your fault. Worthless. It shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. I have a long history of self hatred and depression.

I took all of the pills and silently made my way back to my room.

I lay down, my heart beating out of my chest. I prepared for my slumber for eternity, last words being "I love you Nicole."

And off I drifted to sleep.


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