6. chapter 6

Michael's POV

It'd been months of hard work and band practice, not to mention the loneliness and despair I was feeling.

Yes. All those years I'd had a huge crush on Eve but it was too late to make a move. We were the only ones single and she'd probably think I'd be chasing after her because of that.

I didn't see Ash and Ariel or Calum and Alison or Luke and Nicole breaking up anytime soon.

I tried to stay away from it, focus on writing more songs, playing guitar, playing video games, etc. It was so hard to love someone but to not be able to tell them.

For months and months I struggled to keep it together. I was eating and tearing through everything in the house like I was a wild animal. I was putting on weight, a lot.

Everyone knew something was up at that point. I was being distant. I didn't play my guitar, or practice with the band. I didn't even watch TV, it was as if I was dwindling into the walls.

Calum had tried to talk to me, but I was being ignorant and didn't want to talk to anyone.

That was, except Eve. I could talk to her for hours. She was smart, funny, beautiful, loving, just all around amazing girl. I wanted her in my grasp, in my arms, I wanted her with me.

But I had to get to band practice.


I arrived at practice 45 minutes late when everyone was getting a snack. They were surprised to see I showed up at all, because of the state of depression I was in for their unknown reasons.

Luke and Nicole were snuggling on the couch. I looked away, acting disgusted, but truly I was heartbroken and lonely.

Ash and Ariel were in the kitchen throwing cheez-itz at each other, hoping to get it in their mouths.

Calum and Ali were playing footsie.

And there was Eve. In the back of the room reading her book, her thick, wavy, curly hair thrown up in a bun.

I couldn't go on like I was.

A, I'd be a blimp by the end of summer.

B, I'd be in this state of depression for the rest of my life.

C, I'd risk her getting with the wrong guy.

I walked over and delivered my best pickup line.

Wanna make out?

Author's note: I'm sorry for the inactiveness I hope you guys like this chapter.

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