4. chapter 4

Ariel's POV

Ash had leaned in and kissed me. I'd been acting all these years like I didn't have a gigantic crush on him but after that kiss, I was putty in his hands.

"Ashton." I muttered into the kiss.

He looked down. "I'm sorry you just look so good and I've had this huge crush on you since fore-" He word vomited.

I kissed him again to shut him up.

"You are truly amazing." He giggled and smiled, showing off his gorgeous dimples.

Everything about him was so perfect that it was hard to be around his giggly personality.

You would find yourself jealous of his smile, his eyes, just anything about him, that made him, him.

Maybe it was implied that we would start dating now but that wasn't it. Ash had something planned.

After we'd gone home we didn't tell anyone about the kiss.

Calum, my brother, would flip. We were 9 months apart, for some odd reason. He's always been so protective of me, so ash and I decided to date in secret.

But this was until one day, Cal and I were sitting on the couch about 3 months after Ash and I started dating.

I went to the bathroom and left my phone on the armrest of the couch. Of course by brother, checked my phone while it was still off to see who it was. He saw my phone buzzing every time Ash would text me, and Ashton's contact name wasn't Ash. It was "daddy" with various heart emojis. After Calum saw the fact that we were texting a lot, he knew that couldn't be our dad considering I never had a great relationship with him.

I returned to the couch and saw the glare he had on his face.

"Daddy, huh?" He smirked.

"Cal! That's none of your business!" I retorted.

"Who is it?" He looked at me with longing eyes.

"Ashton." I mumbled so quietly I could barely even hear myself.

Calum jumped up and started running to Ashton's room.

"CAL NO!" I chased after him.


After I'd gotten Calum off of my now exposed boyfriend I had to stand in between their huge figures to keep Calum from committing a murder.

"Why is his contact in your phone daddy?!" Calum shouts.

"Calum, this is why she didn't tell you." Ashton mumbled.

"Let her speak for herself!" Calum snapped.

"I love Ash, Calum. He's so sweet and I guarantee he treats me right. If he doesn't I would tell you." I spoke calmly to Calum.

He smiled. "Okay. But you," He pointed to ash. "If you ever hurt my little sister, you better pray, because I'll be on you in a second." He clenched his jawline and stood up straight, making himself as tall as possible without going on his tippy toes.

He didn't have to try to be taller than Ash, but it was obvious he was trying to look intimidating.

Ash smiled. "Got it." He giggled.

Author's note: Hey sorry for the short update. This is sort of a boring part of the story. I have to introduce the characters and get the relationships together before I can do anything super dramatic.

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