3. chapter 3

Nicole's POV

Luke came out of the bathroom, a tear rolling off his chin. I walked up to him and pulled down his wide shoulders so his eyes look directly into mine.

"K-kiss me." Luke stated, which startled and surprised me.

Almost immediately, I kissed his small pale pink lips. When we touched, a single spark, among thousands of others throughout our kiss, could've powered the whole world's electricity.

Luke kissed back, wrapping his bulky arms around me. Our friends stared, but it only felt like there was Luke and me against the world.

After the kiss, Luke, still bent down, crystal blue, majestic eyes fixed on me, said "Nicole, will you be my girlfriend?"

And that's how we started.


Eve's POV

I have my championship soccer game tonight, but with Nicole preoccupied in a relationship with Luke, it's hard for her to focus. Samantha is on my team, and Nicole wants to bring her new boyfriend.

I can't really fathom how Luke is going to respond to this scam, bringing him into possible harm's way. But I really want my brother and his friends to come to my championship game.

The boys are basically brothers to me, and I figure it'd be wrong if I didn't invite them.

Perhaps Luke would be fine. It only took him an hour to get over Samantha, which wasn't really surprising because her comments towards the people he loves were inconsiderate and rude.

Of course Luke respected her opinion though, because of how sweet he is.

Luke and Nicole are both cuddly, sweet, and sassy all at the same time. I guess that's why they love each other so much.

-----after the game-----

Ashton's POV

My sister had the winning goal for her championship game and I couldn't be prouder. Aside from that though, I eye Samantha heading towards me.

I immediately fall back a bit and look at Luke in retaliation. Samantha was a complete nut. You never really knew what she would do. But with the look on her face as she saw Luke and Nicole cuddling on the picnic blanket, I would assume she's envisioning Nicole as herself.

But as Samantha continued towards me, she had a fire in her eyes.

"Irwin. Long time no see." She stated as I looked down at my entirely black vans.

She lifted my chin up and began to kiss me.

"Stop!" I shoved her back lightly, praying Luke hadn't seen the sparkless kiss. I was hopelessly in love with Ariel, my sister's tiny best friend.

Ariel was a small, dark blonde haired, blue eyed, gorgeous girl, who I'd wanted to date for the longest time. Her long blonde hair, so thick it could be a lion's mane. How much I want to tug on it and remove it from her eyes is unthinkable. Her tiny baby pink-red lips with sparkles and just enough lip gloss. Her hair is often pulled back into a bandana used as a headband. God I want to kiss those small, round, soft lips.

Snap back to reality, Samantha is trying to kiss me again. I shove her back again.

"Stop!" I shout. "Help! Leave me alone!" Ariel runs over after hearing my cry for help.

"Why would you do that?! After all Luke's done for you, you throw his heart in the dirt and make out with his best friend! You're a terrible person!" Ariel shouts.

After that, the field was dead silent. It was so quiet you could hear my heart beating out of my chest. Ariel's jaw clenches. Her tiny hands turn into fists.

"I-I" Samantha started.

"You broke his fucking heart then chucked it in the dirt and started stomping on it. That's what you should say." Ariel stated blankly.

"Leave us alone." She stomped her teeny little foot.

Samantha threw a punch at Ariel. Luckily, Ariel had learned self defense jujitsu from her father, and grabbed the punch and flipped her.

Which was unfortunate for Samantha. Samantha left and I stood alone with Ariel. She looked so cute in her beanie.

"Sorry about that nut. I don't know what Luke saw in her." Ariel said quietly, muffling her nose into her sweater.

"After that kiss, I don't either." We giggle.

"After all that happened today I say we-" Ariel started but I couldn't resist the temptation. I grabbed her waist gently and started to kiss her.

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