2. chapter 2


This chapter contains a sensitive topic containing self harm. If this will offend you, PLEASE DO NOT READ.

Luke's POV

I hear everyone screaming my name behind a locked door, almost like we're in two different worlds. "LUKE OPEN THE DOOR!" I hear Ashton bang, which I ignore. I take off all my bracelets and look at a clean wrist. It looks empty. I'm tempted.

Had I done anything wrong to Samantha? No, I didn't mistreat her, and we never fought. So why would she break up with me if I'd not wronged her?

There must be something wrong with me if she wanted to break it off with me for no particular reason. I grab a razor and take out the blade.

I hesitate. If I do this, what will it do to me? Showers will be painful. If the scar never goes away, it'll constantly remind me what mistakes I made. Will anyone notice? Will anyone care?

The image of Nicole pops in my head. Her soft hands grasping mine. Her beautiful blue eyes that are icy enough that if you look deep enough into them, they could just give you frostbite.

I yearn for the way she feels. Her warm hands pressed against my leg when I'm nervous. Her small fluffy figure could fit inside my arms perfectly.

Do I have feelings for Nicole?

Of course you do, Luke.

She runs through my mind all day, even though on rare occasions would you see that beautiful girl run.

Everything about her is simply perfect to me. Her giggle. Her laugh. Her smile. Her brown-red curly hair. Her perfectly pink fluffy lips. Her glasses. Everything.

And in this moment, I realized.

Dating Samantha was a distraction from loving Nicole.

I mumble "Dating Samantha was just a distraction." I stick the blade back in the razor and put my bracelets back on.

I'm in love with Nicole.


Author's note: Hey guys I hoped you enjoyed this update and comment if you ship Nuke or what you think is going to happen. Favorite this story if you really like it, that means a lot, thanks guys. Also comment if you want me to update.

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