1. Chapter 1

Ashton's POV

"Fucking hell." Luke spat as he put down his phone.

"What's wrong?" Calum replied, confused.

"It's Samantha. She just ripped my fucking heart out."

"She broke up with you?" Michael interrogated, cracking his knuckles, as if to get ready to punch.

"Over text message." Luke spoke blankly, his face emotionless.

Uh oh. Here comes the hurricane.

Eve's POV

I sat with my best friends quietly next door from my brother and his friends. My twin brother, Ashton was with his band. This was the first time my best friends had been over my house in 5 years, considering my brother and I lived alone in an apartment next to a neighbor that hates guests, that is, girl guests, who laugh and scream over things we really shouldn't scream about.

We don't do much, but obsess over my brothers band. Watching edits and checking up on the fam, showing each other when ever we stumble across something.

Suddenly we heard loud bangs and crying in the next room. By the husky voice, we could tell it was Luke. Nicole has had a huge crush on him forever, even in his chubby phase in secondary school, she found him precious. Now Luke was a lanky blonde boy with facial hair and a lip piercing she wishes she can feel against her lips as they intertwine. (Her words not mine)

We rush into the room, hearts pounding with anxiety. There my brother and two of his friends were, banging on the door of the bathroom, screaming Luke's name. Suddenly, my heart, just drops.

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