By the Time the Sun Rises

inspired by the play ¨'night, Mother¨ by Marsha Norman.

Serena has given up hope. She cannot have a good life. The only person she has to live for is her mother....but now she may end up giving up on her, too.
¨Goodnight, Mama. By the time the sun rises, I'll be gone.¨


12. Epliogue

It was Mama's sister who found the bodies.

There were no neighbors to hear the shots, the screams, the victory cry of death.

Aunt Penny found them, Mama with a scream on her face, and Serena with a louder scream on hers.

She saw the gun in Serena's hand.


The police decided that Serena had killed her mother, then herself.

They never learned the truth.

They never learned of Mama's sacrifice, a death of love.

A pointless waste of life.

They never learned of Serena's sorrow, of her shock at what her mother had done.


They could only assume ugliness, because that is all that is left to assume of the world.

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