By the Time the Sun Rises

inspired by the play ¨'night, Mother¨ by Marsha Norman.

Serena has given up hope. She cannot have a good life. The only person she has to live for is her mother....but now she may end up giving up on her, too.
¨Goodnight, Mama. By the time the sun rises, I'll be gone.¨


7. 7




Serena has switched channels from the news to a re-run of the show NCIS.

It doesn't help her, she still hates the world.

Mama is still asleep.

Serena decides that that is a good thing.

Mama wouldn't notice if Serena left earlier than she said she would.

No, no, no, she might hear the gunshot!

She would notice.

She would notice.

Serena decided that she could wait.


28 minutes remaining.


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