By the Time the Sun Rises

inspired by the play ¨'night, Mother¨ by Marsha Norman.

Serena has given up hope. She cannot have a good life. The only person she has to live for is her mother....but now she may end up giving up on her, too.
¨Goodnight, Mama. By the time the sun rises, I'll be gone.¨


5. 5


Serena and Mama have finished the dishes. They are in the living room now.

The time is 6:30pm.

Serena and Mama are sitting in the living room, silently watching the news. The reporter is doing a story on a triple homicide that was commited just a few streets away from the street that Serena and Mama live on.

¨I hate the world, Mama.¨ Serena says suddenly. ¨That's why I can't live in it anymore. There's too many people firing guns at each other.¨

Mama glances over at her daughter, watching the light from the TV flicker over her face. ¨Maybe you should try to change that instead of just giving up on it.¨

Serena watches the TV in silence for several seconds before responding. ¨I don't think it can be changed. It's human nature to try to hurt each other in order to get what we want.¨

Mama blinks, startled by this response. She can't help but feel that her daughter has the spoken the absolute truth.

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