By the Time the Sun Rises

inspired by the play ¨'night, Mother¨ by Marsha Norman.

Serena has given up hope. She cannot have a good life. The only person she has to live for is her mother....but now she may end up giving up on her, too.
¨Goodnight, Mama. By the time the sun rises, I'll be gone.¨


4. 4

Serena takes a plate from the sink and hands it to Mama. ¨Here, Mother, we still need to finish these.¨

Mama stares at Serena with wide eyes, then slowly reaches out her hand and takes the dish. She turns back to the sink and starts scrubbing. There is less vigor behind her scrub now. ¨Rena...where? You're not doing it here, are you?¨

Serena takes a freshly rinsed plate off the counter. ¨I'm doing it in my bedroom, at exactly eight o'clock tonight.¨

¨No! Not in the house! Please, at least do it in the back yard! Serena!¨

Serena shakes her head. ¨My room.¨

Mama gazes at her daughter, defeated brown eyes meeting determined hazel eyes. Finally, she lets out a sigh and looks back down at the plate that she's been scrubbing, silently handing it to her daughter.


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