By the Time the Sun Rises

inspired by the play ¨'night, Mother¨ by Marsha Norman.

Serena has given up hope. She cannot have a good life. The only person she has to live for is her mother....but now she may end up giving up on her, too.
¨Goodnight, Mama. By the time the sun rises, I'll be gone.¨


1. 1

 ¨Here, Mama, let me help you with those.¨ Serena crosses the room, taking a couple of plates from her mother.

Mama sighs. ¨Serena, I can do this just fine myself. You should rest.¨

¨I'll be fine, Mama. Besides, I want to talk to you.¨

¨About what?¨

¨ You know.¨

Mama raises an eyebrow. ¨Well, alright, then. Let us discuss life as we take care of the dishes together, dear daughter. ¨

Serena laughs. ¨Oh, Mama, you don't need to be so dramatic about it!¨

Mama smiles. ¨But it's fun to be dramatic! Here,¨ she says, handing Serena a stack of wet plates. ¨You dry.¨

Serena takes the dripping plates. ¨Okay, Mama.¨

¨So, what shall we discuss about life, then?¨

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