my teacher is my alpha mate????


2. 0.1



your at your dorm and your room mate jaz is there . jaz is your bff and she is like a sister to you . you guys known eachother since middle school .


Jaz: -jumps on your bed- WAKE UP BISH WAKE UP!!!!!!!!


Scarlett-rose: -gets up and pushes jaz- im up damn it


Jaz: i know -laughs and stumbles a little and leaves the dorm for class- see you later sis 


Scarlett-rose: cya -goes takes a shower and gets dressed than leaves the dorm to math-


                            Scarlett-rose pov:


i miss luke i wonder what happened to him i fucking love math but i dont even wanna be here -sniffs the air- that smell its luke i must be dreaming


Scarlett-rose: -doodles in note book -


Luke: -walks in class room in the front of the class at the desk- Welcome students i will be your math teacher i'm Mr.Hemmings -writes it on the board-


all the girls in the class stare at him like he is dessert and you just keep doodling in your notebook . 


Luke: ok since i have no clue who you guys are we will just start with your names and what you are and what you like to do


everyone was saying their names and all that the girls kept tring to make their boobs look bigger while im just doodling mine and luke's name together. 


Luke: -goes to your deck- miss its your turn 


Scarlett- rose: -looks up and see's luke and quickly shut's notebook- ook im scarlett-rose im a hybrid and i love music video games sports and skateboarding


Luke: -goes back to his desk- nice to meet everyone here we arent going to do any work together since its the first day so you can just socialize 


all the girls just stare at luke and try to flirt with him brittney the slut of the school goes and sits on his desk 


Brittney: -feels his arms- Do you work out


Scarlett-rose: -growls at brittney and eyes go black-


Brittney: -hisses at you-


Luke: -growls at brittney- go to your seat


Brittney: -gets scared and goes back to her seat-


Luke: -he looks at you-


Scarlett-rose: -looks back at him- 


Luke: -winks at her and bites his lip ring-


Scarlett-rose: -blushes and bites your lower lip and looks down-


Luke: -chuckles- 


Calum, Micheal , and Ashton walk in the room. you and luke look and see them. the bell rings and the students leave except you.


Calum : - runs and hugs you- hey little one


Scarlett- rose: -punches him in the gut- 


Luke ashton and micheal: -laughs-


Scarlett-rose : -goes and sits on luke's desk-


Luke: -looks at you and laughs- get off my desk 


Scarlett-rose: what if i dont -looks at luke and  bites lower lip-


Luke: or else 


Scarlett-rose: what are you gonna do daddy -winks-


Ashton: -gets a boner- kinky


Scarlett-rose: -looks at ashton's boner and laughs- 


Calum and Micheal look as well and laugh then luke is about to look but gets stop 


Scarlett-rose: -pulls luke by his arm and kisses him- 


Luke: -grabs onto your waist and kisses you back- 


Scarlett- rose : -wraps arms around his neck and plays with his hair- 


Luke: -moves in between your legs-


Scarlett-rose: -grabs at luke's hair-


Luke: -groans in the back of his throat-


Micheal: woah woah woah she has to get to class


Luke: -pulls away and looks at the guys-


Scarlett-rose: -blushes hard- yea i better get to class


Luke: -lifts you off the desk and on the floor- 


Scarlett-rose: -giggles then bites lightly on luke's bottom lip- mine


Luke: -grabs your waist and pulls you close and growls- mine 


Ashton:  -fixes his pants quickly-


Scarlett-rose: i gotta go daddy


Luke: bye babygurl


Scarlett-rose: -hugs micheal- bye


Micheal: -hugs back- bai


Scarlett-rose: -hugs calum and kisses his cheek- sorry for hitting you


Calum: -hugs back and laughs- its fine


Scarlett-rose: -hugs ashton and whispers in his ear- be careful daddy


Ashton: -gets a bigger boner- 


Scarlett-rose: -looks down and see's his boner and laughs- bai  -leaves the room to next class-


Ashton: shit -fixes pants again-


Luke: -quickly spanks you before you leave- behave


Scarlett-rose: -looks back at luke and glares at him-


Luke: -smirks and bites his lip ring-


Scarlett-rose: -blushes hard and runs to next class-









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