my teacher is my alpha mate????


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    Scarlett-Rose Pov:

im in the club and it isnt just any club its only for mythical creatures finally waiting for so long anyways im at the bar just sitting. wait you dont even know who i am lol im scarlett-rose everyone calls me scar. I'm a hybrid. 


Scarlett-rose: - drinks beer-


random guy: -grabs you forcefully and pulls at your dress-


Scarlett-rose: - pushes the guy away but he doesnt budge-


????: -growls and chokes the random guy-


Scarlett-rose: -stares at him and smells vanilla- i had this


????: -lets go of the guy and grabs you and runs into a random room real quick-


Scarlett-rose: -growls at him- let me go


????: i cant do that


Scarlett-rose: and why not


????: -pins you against the wall- because im your mate


Scarlett-rose: -stares at him- who are you


????: your mate i just said that


Scarlett-rose: -rolls eyes- your name idiot


????: Luke


Scarlett-rose: -looks at luke-


Luke: -looks back at her- who are you


Scarlett-rose: your mate -smiles big and giggles-


Luke: name beautiful


Scarlett-rose: Scarlett-rose


Calum: -walks in- Luke woah....


Luke: -looks at calum- yea calum


Micheal and Ashton : -walk in and see's you- woah


Scarlett-rose: -blushes and hides face in luke's neck-


Luke: -unpins you from the wall- what is is calum


Scarlett-rose: -hides behind luke-


Calum: we have to go


Scarlett-rose: -looks at phone and see's the time and eyes go wide- shit


Micheal: -looks at you- what


Scarlett-rose: i have to go i have ummm 


Luke: -turns around and looks at you- you have what


The boys surround you


Scarlett-rose: i.... i just have something to do -tries to run-


Luke: -grabs your waist from behind quickly and pulls you close-


Scarlett-rose: -blushes hard- umm ha yea


Micheal: -laughs- your in college aren't you


Scarlett-rose: h-h-h-how did you know


Micheal: i cant read your mind


Luke: -lets go of you-


Scarlett-rose : -goes away fastly-


 Luke: fuck


Ashton: -looks at luke- who was that


Luke: my mate 









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