Insanity Is My Friend

Emo Charlie, is mentally unstable, aka insane, he talks to himself, likes fire and knives, unknown to him though, is that another person is just like him and her name is Sabina, Emo Charlie and Sabina meet after Charlie does something horrible


6. "You Fucked Up Now"

Years went by, as Charlie soon become one of the most wants criminals in the world, hunted by F.B.I, police, and even SWAT teams, he was never caught, he felt invincible.....until one night, he remembered it as he went to his next victims house


Charlie looked out in the night, seeing a large mansion, he smiled, but still felt no happiness since the fatal day, Sabina was taken from him.


It was a rainy night, 3 years ago, Charlie and Sabina wee robbing a house, no one was home, or so they thought, they had a lot of loot, there were about to leave, when Sabina thought heard something and went to go check it out, Charlie waited for her return, when suddenly he heard a scream. It was Sabina! Charlie dashed into the room she had gone into and saw a middle aged man, holding a gun to her head, It was the priest....he looked grubbier since he last saw him, a scar ran down his neck and vanished down his shirt, he smiled and said, "Hello Reaper"

"Let go of her or I'll-" Charlie was stopped by the man's outburst 

"You what?, kill me like you did my wife and so many others!" Yelled the priest, "You took something I cared most for in this world, so I'm returning the favor" he then aimed the gun at Sabina's head, Sabina looked at Charlie, tears streaming down her face, whispered, "Goodbye, Charles", the shot rang out in the dead silence. The Priest walked toward him and mocked him, "Aw...ya gonna cry, you fucked up, boy, what you gonna do now". Charlie didn't answer, instead bit into the mans neck, causing him to scream in agony, his jugular was ripped out and spat at him by Charlie, he fell to the floor and died, Charlie went to Sabina body, held her in his arms and sobbed, cradling his lover body, never to feel the warmth of her skin again.


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