Insanity Is My Friend

Emo Charlie, is mentally unstable, aka insane, he talks to himself, likes fire and knives, unknown to him though, is that another person is just like him and her name is Sabina, Emo Charlie and Sabina meet after Charlie does something horrible


5. "I'm Your God Now"

Charlie soon became known throughout the U.S., as The Reaper, with his signature smiley face, and message written in his victim's blood. Sabina was the get-away driver/murderer accomplice, she enjoy killing as much as him did. It bonded them closely. Charlie was getting bored of just killing them quickly, so he decided to slowly kill his next victims. He found his next target, a priest and his wife, both in their mid 40s. He walked in their house, and spoke in a soft whisper, "Hello.....".

The priest looked at the teenager who suddenly showed up in his home, he froze, he recognized his face, 'Oh's The Reaper" he thought. He saw the hatchet and yelled at his wife, "Run, call the-" his neck was cut by the hatchet, he gasped and coughed as blood filled his lungs, the last thing the  man saw his wife screaming, running but she wasn't fast enough....they never were.

"God help us......" she whispered

Charlie grinned and said, "I'm your God now" and cut her fingers off, making her howl in pain, he then when to her toes, then legs, the arms. Soon, she was laying on the carpet in her own blood, slowly dying from blood loss

Charlie smiled, and said, "Goodnight, say hello to the devil for me", to the dying woman and man, he then walked out of the house.


A abandoned factory was Sabina and Charlie's hideout, it once was a factory where chemicals and poisons were made, but now it has since been abandoned and become rusted with old age, Sabina smiled at Charlie, she never notice how cute he was. She had a crush on him, she blushed and wondered if he like her back.

"I like you too" Sabina jumped in fright, Charlie was standing behind her

Sabina blushed and stutter, "H-How did you k-know"

Charlie smiles and says, "Voice told me"

Sabina says "Okay"

Charlie doesn't speak, he instead, pulls her into a deep kiss, Sabina instantly melts, she kisses him back, and for the first time in forever, Charlie doesn't feel so alone.

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