Insanity Is My Friend

Emo Charlie, is mentally unstable, aka insane, he talks to himself, likes fire and knives, unknown to him though, is that another person is just like him and her name is Sabina, Emo Charlie and Sabina meet after Charlie does something horrible


3. "I'm Just Like You"

Charlie looked at the dead body of his stepfather, he couldn't believe it, he had killed him, the Voice though, was rather happy. "Good job Charles, you finally got rid of the fat bastard" said Voice

"What do I do now, police will be after me....I won't survive in prison.." said Emo Charlie

"Leave town, steal a car, and live life on the road, robbing stores, killing people, it is what you always dreamed of, remember" said Voice

"That does sound fun, but-" Emo Charlie was cut off by a sharp tapping on his window, he looked and saw Sabina, he opened the window, and she climbed in.

"Sabina, what are you doing here?" asked Charlie

"I felt like I needed to be here, you looked like you had some fun"Sabina smiles and points at Marcus's body

Charlie felt nothing for his stepfathers death, no happiness, no guilt, just nothing, "He deserved it" he said calmly

"I'm just like you, Charlie, I talk to a Voice in my head, she told me you'd need help, so I came here, we are the same way, unfit to live in this world, we are insane" smiled Sabina

Charlie couldn't believe what he was

hearing, someone else was just like him.

"We need money, weapons, and anything else that will be useful, so go get it please, while I keep watch for the police" said Sabina, Charlie nodded at went to find supplies


As he walked around his house, he grabbed his mom's car keys, money out of her purse, and large kitchen knife, he then went back to his room and showed Sabina the stuff he had brought back.

"This is a nice knife, I take it" Sabina smiled as she examined the gleaming blade 

"I got my mom's car keys, what do we do about her though" said Charlie

"Get rid of her, she will be a witness and will rat you out in a heartbeat" said Voice

Charlie's heart sunk, he knew that he had to do it, so he said in a shaky voice, "I-I'm going to go take c-care of my mom" he then walked out of his bedroom and into his mom's room


Charlie found his mom sleeping in her bed, possibly dreaming, soon though she would be sleeping forever, he raised the axe, whispered, "I'm sorry...." and slammed it down, one hard blow, killing her instantly, he smiled though, it felt good to kill, he went back to his room, smiling like a insane person, which he was.

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