Insanity Is My Friend

Emo Charlie, is mentally unstable, aka insane, he talks to himself, likes fire and knives, unknown to him though, is that another person is just like him and her name is Sabina, Emo Charlie and Sabina meet after Charlie does something horrible


2. "Go To Hell.......I'll Be There Soon...."

"Good morning everyone" said the teacher, "As you can see, we have a new student with us today, she is going to stand up ad introduce herself" the new student stood up catching Charlie's eye. She was goth, no doubt about it, she had blue eyes and a bored expression, she spoke, "My name is Sabina and that's it" she then went and sat down next to Charlie and gave him a small smile.

"She looks cute, doesn't she?" said Voice

"Yeah, she smiled at me" said Charlie

"Don't be fooled, remember everyone is a enemy, except me of course" said Voice

Charlie didn't think that, she looked like a trusting person. The school day went by, Sabina was in every class he had and even say across to him at lunchtime. Charlie rode the bus home, he got off the bus, hoping that his stepdad was home, but no luck, as he walked in his house, his stepfather, Marcus, was sitting on the couch, smelling of alcohol and cigarettes, Charlie tired to go to his room, but Marcus stopped him, "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING?!" 

"T-to my room" said Charlie

"'T-t-t-to m-m-my r-r-room'" mimicked Marcus, "Can't you fucking talk or are you too retarded!!!"

Charlie ignored him and went to his room and shut the door, he sat on his bed and fell asleep.


Charlie suddenly had the blankets ripped from him, "Oh god, please not again", he thought, Marcus got drunk nearly every night and woke Emo Charlie up, just to beat the living crap out of him, leaving Charlie bruised and bleeding, he had enough, as Marcus's fist came down on his head, he grabs it and gets up, his stepfather is surprised by the sudden reaction, and is shoved down by Charlie. He then walks away, but comes back with a hatchet, he slams the bladed tool on his stepfather head, while his mind said "Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill" over and over, Marcus looked at him, and whispered one final word, "Why?", Charlie spoke in a harsh whisper, "Go to hell, I'll be there soon.", and brought the hatchet on his head one last time.

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