Insanity Is My Friend

Emo Charlie, is mentally unstable, aka insane, he talks to himself, likes fire and knives, unknown to him though, is that another person is just like him and her name is Sabina, Emo Charlie and Sabina meet after Charlie does something horrible


4. "For The First Time, I Feel Happy"

Before leaving his home for the final time, Charlie carved something into his parent's bodies, and wrote it in blood on the living wall, with a eerie smiley face, he signed it, his own serial killer name as the "The Reaper". Charlie smiled at his handiwork, Voice thought it was marvelous.

"This is great, you are finally excepting your true nature, as a blood-thirsty murderer" said Voice

"I know, Sabina and I are going to have so much fun, killing, stealing, and causing mayhem" smiled Charlie

"Enjoy your fun, Charles, oops, I mean The Reaper" says Voice

Charlie smiled once more, he was no longer Charlie, he was.....The Reaper. Sabina smiled at him, and said, "So, Mr. Reaper, where to next?"

Charlie smiled back, and said, "Tod Winchester's house"


Tod Winchester was sitting in his room, watching football. His parents weren't home, so he got drunk, he soon fell into a drunken sleep, snoring like a elephant. Charlie, axe in hand, climbed through the window of his house, he walked over to Tod's bed, tied his arms and legs to the bed, then yelled, "WAKE UP!!!!!!", Tod shot awake, he struggled against his restraints.

"What the hell, why am I tied up, FUCKING EMO PRICK, WHEN I GET OUT OF HERE, I"M GONNA RIP YOUR HEAD OFF" yelled Tod, anger coursing through his veins

Charlie spoke calmly, "You won't be going anywhere....time to go to sleep, Tod" he lifted the hatchet and slammed it on his head, multiple times, he stopped and licked the blood off the weapon. Sabina saw the whole thing and said, "You enjoy that?" grinning at her psychopathic friend

"For the first time ever, I feel happy" Charlie started laughing like the psycho he was.


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