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4. Irwin

Meeting and getting together with Mr Irwin:

One day you were out with your best friend at a park laying down on the grass when a ball came bouncing across to you. You sat up and grabbed the ball looking around for it's owner. Suddenly you see a tall, curly haired boy running across to you after the ball. He came up and apologised for disrupting you and asked if you and your friend would like to join him and his friend, Calum. You agreed as you thought the guy was good looking and you weren't doing anything else.

You and Ash got to know each other over a few weeks and after about a month he asked you out on a date. You went on a few dates before he asked you to be his girlfriend, which you accepted straight away.

The proposal:

After 2 years of dating Ash, he proposed to you. It was a simple but sweet proposal and you were over the moon. You had been out with Ash all day and were currently on a picnic at the park which you first met him at. The two of you has just finished eating and you were just lying around, embracing warmth of the summer sun when Ash stood up and asked you to get up as well. You were confused but obliged anyway. He took you arms and started waltzing you around, singing to you at the same time. You laughed and joined in, moving in sync with him. You had no clue that Ash could dance so well and were very impressed. At the end of the song he spun you around and got down on one knee.

"Y/N, I have loved you ever since I ran after that ball at this very park and would love you to be mine and only mine for eternity. Will you marry me?" He asked.

"YES YES YES AND YES" You replied and he stood up and placed the ring on your finger. He picked you up and spun you around.

It was the best day of your life.

The wedding and honeymoon:

You got married 1 year after he proposed and you had decided to have your wedding at the beach as you both felt there would be no better place to start the next step in your life together. The wedding was reasonably sized and was set out beautifully.

The ceremony and reception ran smoothly and a smile did not come of you or Ash's faces all night. It was amazing to finally be married to Ash. He was yours, and no one could ever take him away from you.

For your honeymoon you went to Hawaii and you had the best time of your life. There was warm weather, beaches, and of course Ashton. You came back home sun tanned, as happy as ever and PREGNANT!


Mason William- You conceived Mason when you were on your honeymoon.

BABY: Cute-Baby-Boy-Photos-3

Charlie Nicholas- Charlie is 4 years younger than Mason

BABY: Cute-Baby-Boy-Wallpaper-1-618x

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