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3. Hood

Meeting CalPal and getting together with him:

One day you had just finished working your shift at Subway when a guy you had served earlier came up to you and handed you a slip of paper.

"Um, Hi. You served me before and I could not help but notice how stunning you are, and also how amazing you are at making sandwiches. Here's my number. Call me sometime and we can meet up again?"

"I'll think about it" you said with a grin "but first, I need to know the name of my customer who happens to enjoy a white footlong with meatballs?"

"That'd be Calum, Calum Hood. And you??" He smiled

"Y/N" You replied

"Well, it was nice meeting you Y/N the amazing sandwich maker, and please, call me"

You smiled back at him and walked off to your car. you decided you would follow up on him and call him tomorrow.

After numerous texts, phone calls, and dates, Calum finally asked you to be his girlfriend. You accepted and were as happy as ever, knowing you had an amazing boyfriend who meant the world to you.

The Proposal:

At one of his concerts Cal asks you to come out on stage, begrudgingly you obey and go up to stand with Calum and wave to the fans.

"So, as you guys may know" Cal starts saying to the fans "that this beautiful girl here is my girlfriend and we have been going out for about 2 years now"

"It's been 2 years now" Luke interrupts singing a line out of 'Out Of My Limit'.

"Thank You Lucas," Cal continues "And anyway I love this girl with all of my heart and would like to ask her a very important question."

The fans scream as Calum gets down on one knee and produces a ring out of his back pocket.

"Will you, Y/F/N, marry me please?" Cal asks and you blush then reply "It would be my pleasure Mr. Hood"

The fans absolutely loved that and were screaming there heads off. The other boys started playing 'Marry Me' by Bruno Mars as Cal and I kissed and hugged each other tightly. I could see that most of the fans had their phones out, and there was no doubt about it but this video would go viral through the 5SOS Fam.

The show ended on that point and Luke, Ash and Mikey came up and joined in the hug and we eventually made it off the stage. Backstage there was party poppers, confetti bombs and party whistles to celebrate the engagement of Cal and I.

The Wedding:

Calum and yourself decided to have a small wedding with just family and close friends attending. All the boys were there of course and so were all their girlfriends. The day of your wedding was a beautiful spring day and it was about 26 Degrees Celsius. All the garden settings were white and sky blue. You were nervous as anything before walking down the aisle, but once you set eyes on your dashing groom your nerves settled and your legs went to jelly. He looked amazing in his tuxedo and as you reached him he told you that you looked absolutely amazing.

The whole wedding went smoothly and you could not wait to spend the rest of your life with your amazing husband. You were heading off to The Bahamas for your honeymoon, the perfect place to relax and enjoy your time with Cal.


Jacob Daniel- You tried for a while to have child and after a few miscarriages you were finally blessed with little Jacob.

BABY: baby-boy-newborn


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