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1. Clifford

Meeting Mikey and getting together with him:

The day had finally come. You were going to go and see your favourite band 5 Seconds of Summer. You had front row tickets and this was your chance for your idols to notice you. You had been a devoted fan for 2 years and this was it, you were finally seeing them live.

You arrived at the concert 2 hours early and eventually were allowed inside.

The concert was amazing and you were right in front of Michael. You didn't know whether it was real or your imagination but he kept looking at you the throughout the whole concert. You would look away at one of the other boys and then you'd look back at him to find his eyes glued to you. You told your friend but she just said you were imagining things.

After the show you were just outside the arena when security came up to you and asked you to come with them. Petrified you followed them and you were led backstage. Relief flooded over you as you found out you weren't in trouble, just the boys wanted to see you. You were ecstatic as you were lead into their dressing room. You walked in and security asked Mike if you were the one he asked for. Michael nodded and security left. Michael explained how he couldn't keep his eyes off of you the whole show and wondered if you would like to go out on a date with him tomorrow night. You agreed straight away and he smiled.

After a few dates he asked you to become his girlfriend, then a month after that the 2 of you decided to announce it to the public.

The proposal:

One day you were just lounging around your house when you received a text from your babe, Michael.

*Hey Babe, be at my house in 15?? love you xx*

*Sure thing, love you more xxx* you replied and quickly got ready and left.

When you arrived and entered you were surprised to find posed notes all over the walls with stuff that the 2 of you had done together and funny moments throughout your time together written all over them. They led you around the house until eventually taking you outside to the deck where Michael was sitting, guitar in hand.

As he saw you coming up to him he started singing 'You're Beautiful' by James Blunt. You blushed and looked at your feet as he continued to sing to you. At the end of the song you got up looked you in the eyes then dropped down to one knee.

"Y/F/N, ever since I saw you in the front row at my show, I knew you were the one for me. Will you please marry me?"

You clasped your hand over your mouth, then pulled Michael in with the other arm and hugged him tighter than you ever had before/

"I haven't got an answer yet" Michael added cheekily.

"Of course I will marry you babe" you replied and kissed him.

The Wedding:

Michael and yourself decided to get married on a big cruise ship. It was the perfect wedding with all those you cared about here and finally being Mrs Clifford. Michael looked adorable in his tux and the two of you looked absolutely perfect with each other.

After the fantastic night, you jetted off to London for your honeymoon.


Madison Elizabeth- born a year after you were married, she is the perfect little angel

BABY: 650_1newborn_portraits_infant_

Brooke Alexandra- Brooke is 2 years younger than Maddie

BABY: Lauren_Catherine_Hat_large

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