Midnight Memories [ h.s au ]

Harry Styles was that teenage dirtbag that every single student in his high school either loves or hates. He's an eye candy, a crush, a somebody, to at least everybody in the campus.

When he throws a huge senior year party, an unexpected student shows up and it leads to one friendship which blossoms into an intimately lustful relationship.

WARNING: Obscene language and sexual scenes.


2. - one

   Never was I given a smile whenever I walk down the hallways of South Fork High. All that I was given were dirty looks, digusted sneers and muffled hollers of threat to endanger my life. I never liked it, clearly, from the colourful words blissfully escaping my lips moulding each and every word with hatred and venom. How did I every live through that kind of ill-treatment for four years? Honestly, I don't even know. But I would always have two answers in the back of my mind: music and cigarette.

   Yes, I smoke. But not as often as anybody would think. I don't exactly listen to music; I create music. From the bottom of my soul and heart, each verse represents a chapter and they string together one whole song which brings out a whole story behind it. Not everybody would see it, and not everybody would hear it. It was, indeed, rather sad to say that I had to put up with so much bullshit for the past three years, especially when I spent almost half of it with Jessica Owen.

   I enjoyed hearing the jeers of hate and the curses of death, only because I knew they were the people who deliberately wasted at least five seconds or more each and every day of their four years in high school on me. They must have had so much leisure time to spend that they had to waste so much yet so less of it on me, am I right?

   It saddened me deeply to see that the society favoured plastic Barbies instead of fleshy, real humans. Jessica Owen and Amanda Hale are examples. They are both blonde, flirtatious, stupid, manipulative, bitchy, and of course, mean. Anybody would have admitted that they were the real-life copies of the 'Plastics' from the early 2000's movie Mean Girls, but they were too ruthless to be confronted.

   Amanda and Jessica were both 'BFFSY', a stupidly cheesy abbreviation for 'best friends forever since young'. It makes me want to puke each time I think of it, frankly.

  Just like Harry Styles, Amanda and Jessica were both rich and popular. They enjoyed picking on the freshmen, the 'nerds', the 'emos' and the 'goths'. Being stereotyped would be the last thing that I would ever ask for since I never actually belonged in any of the groups that Amanda, Jessica and Harry created.

  Jessica was his stuck-up girlfriend, and I honestly wonder how he managed to put up with her nonsense each and every second of the day.

  Pacing through the empty classroom, Emmet just looked at me with a straight face while his twin Jared gave me a look of curiosity. "C'mon, what's the big deal, Cam? The Finals are over, we can literally perform all day, all night!" He tried to be enthusiastic about it, which he certainly was, but I was just not in the same level as they were.

  "Jared, when the Finals are over, it means senior year is coming to an end and that means I will have the mandatory need to go to senior prom and Harry's senior party. The last thing that I need is a bad reputation when I leave South Fork." I took in a sharp inhale of oxygen from my speed talk before groaning and placing my head in my hands.

  "This is why we call you asian, babe," Emmet laughed.

  "Don't remind me, you dimwit." Raising an eyebrow, I walked over to the table next to Jared before laying down on it.

  Silence enveloped the room, and the only thing that we heard was the faint traffic a mile or two from our school and the ticking of the clock high on the wall. Almost five minutes have passed and I got up into a sitting position. A faint giggle was heard, followed by footsteps, and I thought that it was a couple just passing by. Once I opened my mouth to speak, the door opened and the giggling was from Amanda, and the famous locks of brown hair told me that Harry was basically two-timing Jessica on her best friend. The door snapped shut and Harry trapped her between his arms before the sound of horrific smooching was heard.

  Jared, Emmet and I looked at each other in horror, shock and disgust. Our movements which were surprisingly deathly quiet didn't seem to alert the two-timing pair when we got off the tables we were sitting on. Grabbing our bags, it was muffled by the sound of clothes being torn off and the evident silent whispers of lust and hunger radiating from the both of them.

   "What the fuck?" Emmet mouthed at me. I gave him a shrug, although I was feeling rather determined to grab Harry by the collar and drive a fork through his baby-making machine. The both of them were about to head to the windows with me when I held up a hand, gesturing them to stop whatever they were doing. They turned to look at me curiously. Motioning them to wait, I silently jogged over to where the couple was having a heated makeout session. Harry's shirt was ripped off, and his muscles which moved according to his body movements made it difficult for me not to stare in awe.

   "Guys," I mumbled, hoping to catch their attention. I was at least three feet away, and I was positive that they could hear me clearly. But unfortunately, the dirty whispers were shadowing them from my words. "Guys!" I shouted, a bit louder this time. Literally jumping to the side with the most scared expressions that they had ever worn, I nearly cracked up. Clearing my throat, I took Harry's shirt and threw it at him. "Get a room to fuck, it's disgusting." I rolled my eyes at him, before turning around to leave with Jared and Emmet through the window. It was a three-story jump, but with Harry and Amanda in the way of the door, we had no other choice.

  Before I could climb out of the window and make our way back home, he called out, "Camille!" With my right foot on the window ledge, I turned to him with a raised eyebrow.

  "You won't tell Jess . . . right?" Harry cautiously asked me. Ah, this seems fun to play with. Since he toys around with girls, now it's his turn to be toyed around with. But the question was, should I?

  "Oi, Cam, hurry up!" Emmet yelled from below. The twins had taken their jump, and I was apparently left behind. Looking slightly over my shoulder, I turned back to the curly-haired boy and shrugged lightly.

  "I dunno," I answered before playfully smirking and jumping off the window ledge after throwing my bag down.

   From the corner of my eye I saw him hurriedly throwing his shirt on just to catch me for an actual solid answer. I landed abruptly, causing my ankle to twist itself a little and my elbows and arms were scraped, although not too much. Picking up my bag as the twins snickered, I heard Harry yelling behind us, "Cam, please! I'll even be friends with you if you want to!"

  "What a lame exchange! No thanks!" I yelled, before limping half-heartedly back home with the brunette boys escorting me back since they live two blocks away.

  As soon as we escaped from the school premises, the both of them burst out into laughter.

  "You should've seen their faces!" Emmet cried in laughter, hunching over a little as he clasped his stomach.

  "Ooh, I'm so scared!" Jared mimicked how Amanda would have reacted if she were less shocked by my sudden outburst while wiping away tears of joy and mockery from his eyes.

  "Ha ha, very funny, boys." I rolled my eyes in sarcasm as I limped our way back. "But seriously, though. If they wanted to fuck, they could have gotten into another room for God's sake." Shaking my head in disappointment, I ran a hand through my hair.

  "You're not wrong." A calmed Jared chuckled. Emmet was still in fits of laughter, bursting out every now and then. It came to the point where I had to smack him hard on the back to make him stop laughing. But unfortunately, he choked out his laughter and it sounded like a death squawk for a cow and we were the ones laughing instead.

   Escorting me right to the door once we got on to our street, we exchanged hugs and goodbyes before I went in and the twins went back home. I was trying my best to hide the grimaces and cringes that I was expressing through my facial expressions as I tried to walk into the house normally. On the couch sat Dad, playing with some games on his phone with the television tuned to some Japanese lifestyle channel.

  As usual, Mom was in her 'Lady Lore', also known as the kitchen as how Dad and I preferred to call it. Immediately, the smell of pasta and beef wafted up into my nose as the feeling of home came rushing back to me like a flood.

  "Hey, Mom." I greeted her as I half-limped my way to her since she had her back facing me.

  "Hello, sweetheart, how was your day?" Mom asked, not turning.

  "The usual ruckus. Who's coming over? You're cooking pretty much a lot for just a family of three," I noted, leaning against the kitchen counter as she added a pinch of salt to the sizzling pasta.

   "The Styles."

  And just like that, I felt horrendously suffocated.

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