To Trust Or Be Trusted

Meet Molly Deller. She has been alone for 7 months alone in the apocalypse when she finds survivors at a prison when she doesn't know they have a lot of trust issues and they don't know she has a huge secrete before and durning it all began she has to gain their trust when she herself finds out that maybe she can't trust them either when they have to gain her trust.


2. New Trust

Molly's POV

This group looks like a group I can actually trust, a new trust I might have or don't want, but I don't wanna get to close in case of anything. A girl named Beth takes the little girl I was holding "come on lets get you a cell" a women with short brown hair says to me. I walk with her to I guess my new cell "Im Maggie" she finally says to me and smiles at me, we walk upstairs and arrive at a empty cell "this will be yours, Im the cell next to you and my sister Beth is in the other one so yell if you need anything" she says leaving me. I look around and see a bunk bed with pillows and blankets, I put my stuff on the top bunk and lay on the bottom bed. I laided my head on the pillow and was blinded by sunlight, my cell was across from a high window that showed all of the prison field. I take the blanket from the top bunk and place it on the cell door to make it like a curtain, as I closed the door I laid back down and it was dawn outside but in the cell it was light midnight. I try to think of other things I could do in my new cell, for once I actually feel safe in my dark cell. I open the door and walk out and look around and see lights of where I had just left, I hear talking but I can't quite make out what the words are. I go to ask Maggie where the showers were and she isn't there, I turn around and I run into someone. We both fall to the floor, I Iook to see it was Carl, "I'm so sorry I wasn't watching where I was going" I tell him getting up. "It's ok I wasn't looking where I was going either" he tells me as I hold out a hand to help him up, he takes my hand and with all my strength I pull him up to his feet. When I pull him up we are staring each other in the eyes, "well I better go find Maggie" I say starting to walk away, "oh she went to the fences" he says as I turn my head. As I wasn't paying attention I run into a corner or a cell, "are you okay" Carl asks me as I feel my face turn full red, "yeah I'm okay, thanks" I say as I enter my cell and slide down a little wall feeling embarrassed, I grab my shoes, gun and knife and go outside to find Maggie. I walk up to the fences and see canes and other objects hanging and the bottoms sharp, when I find Maggie she is a sharp thin pole in a "walkers" head. "Hey Maggies can I talk to you" I ask her kinda nervous casue she kinda scares me, course everyone at this camp scares me except Judith, Beth, and I guess Carl not so much, "yeah sure what's up" she says to me. "Well um I wanna to get to know everyone here, and um I tried to find you earlier" I say and pause. "Oh I'm sorry Rick just asked me to go on watch as soon as you went into your cell" she says placing the pole into another walkers head, "I litteraly ran into Carl after I didn't see you and I was wondering if I can ask you something" I say to her. "Sure" she tells me, "would it be bad if I started to have a crush on Carl" she looks at me with I guess a scared face, "no but I would be careful Rick doesn't like strangers much and if I were you, I would try to help out and get on his good side if you wanna stay with us" she says stabbing another walker. "Okay, thanks Maggie" I say starting to walk away but turn back around, "oh I meant to ask you where the showers are when I went to your cell" I finally tell her, "it's going towards cell block D" she finally tells me, "thanks again Maggie" I say. I find the showers and start to undress and take a shower, I smelt REALLY bad, I grab a half empty bottle of shampoo and body wash. I get done with my shower and start to get dressed again and walk back to my cell, I enter my cell and lay down again. "Hey um Molly is it" I hear a voice ask but can't see who because of the sun light blaring I'm my eyes, "yeah that's my name" I say shielding my eyes and finally see a women with short hair, "hi I'm Carol Peletier it's nice to meet you" she say sticking her hand out to shake it as I shake it. "It's nice to meet you to Carol" I say to her, "I wanted to tell you that you take your first shift tomorrow morning, are you a morning person" she asks me as I give her a not so really face while she laughs a little. "Well I will take the same shift with you tommorw that way your not alone and I will wake you up if you want me to" she tells me as I nod, "thank you carol" I say to her as she leaves. Its somewhere in the middle of the night and im FREEZING, I only have one blanket besides the one covering the cell door for privacy and sunlight. I get up and grab my bag and search for something warm but I only have jeans to warm my legs and I always sleep in jeans since this whole thing started, I change to my sports bra and throw on a tank and my shoes then walked out of my cell. I sneak downstairs and see a little light coming from Carl's cell, I wanna go outside but I don't want him to see me so I decided to wait till he turns off the light.

Carl's POV

I can't sleep. I hear some kind of creeking from outside my cell I peek a little and see Molly slowly coming down the stairs, I quietly sneak back to my bed and open a comic book. A few mins pass and she hasn't gone by or I haven't heard any sounds from the door or steps, I look in the hall and in the light I see a little shadow. I put my comic down and turn off the light and quickly hide by the door wall, a few minutes later I hear the small taps of shoes coming from outside my cell. "Molly is that you?" I ask in a whisper while stepping out from my spot showing myself and seeing her, "Carl um yeah hey" she says I guess I startled her cause she sounded like it.

Carl's POV

I hide just outside Carl's cell by the door wall then I see the light turn off, I wait a few minutes so he will for sure be asleep. I start to sneak with my shoes making a small quiet tap until I see a figure and I know who it is, "Molly is that you?" Carl asks me startling me as I freeze where I am, "Carl um yeah hey" I say thinking CRAP. "What are you doing up this late" he asks me whispering, "um I was just gonna grab something to drink and maybe another blanket" I say trying to make it sound convincing. "Well all the blankets are in cell block D, are you cold?" He asks me kinda tilting his head which was kinda weird, "um yeah my cell is actually REALLY freezing and I forgot I don't have anything warm besides my jeans so yeah" I saw kinda looking down at my jeans feeling he is still staring at me. He walks into his cell but it's to dark in there to see what he's doing, I am about to turn and start walking again until I see him come out with a hoodie. "Here you can use my hoodie and If you want you can take my cell tonight and I will sleep with my dad" he says as he hands me his hoodie, "you don't have to do that really" I say trying to give him his hoodie back but he wouldn't take it back but instead did that weird head tilt again. "I know I don't have to but I want to, really plus it's a little warm in there for me" he says as he turns his light on again and starts to walk away, I can't let him go sleep with his dad Rick will think I probably kicked him out of his cell cause I was a little cold and he is such a nice guy and I cant let him sleep in that cold cell but I also can't let him know I am sneaking outside, ugh so many things going through my head. "Carl don't go, I mean you could sleep in here to since it is your cell I can take the top bunk" I say not realizing what I had just said until I said it, he turned around and smiles at me, "only if you wear the hoodie and the bottom bunk tonight" he tells me walking back making me tilt my head werid that he has been doing. "Fine but why do you want me to wear the hoodie" I ask him with realizing my head is still tilted weird, "that way if your srill cold that will keep you warm" he says getting on the top bunk and I sit on the bottom, I look at the hoodie and put it on. I take off my shoes and get under the blanket and it was still warm from when Carl was here, I close my eyes and I don't know why but for some reason I start to smile, it was probably because this is the first night I will actually get sleep in a safe place and that is warm, "thanks Carl for everything" "no problem" he tells me. 10 minutes pass by and I quietly get up and grab my shoes and head outside, I step outside and feel cold hit me again thinking it would be warm a little, I walk to the front and see a ton of walkers in one huge group and start to lead some away to sread them out. I notice something come from the woods something like a light I grab my gun and sneak out the gates and go to check it out, the light disappeared and I think I am lost, I hear footsteps coming toward me and I hide behind a tree and grab my knife, a hand covers my mouth from behind me and I hear someone shushing me. I look up and see Carl pulling me into a tree and hearing a lot of walkers, I look at Carl and we stare at each other and all I am thinking is this isn't gonna be good.


Hey guys so as you can already tell each one will be having 3 people's povs and hope you are liking it.

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