To Trust Or Be Trusted

Meet Molly Deller. She has been alone for 7 months alone in the apocalypse when she finds survivors at a prison when she doesn't know they have a lot of trust issues and they don't know she has a huge secrete before and durning it all began she has to gain their trust when she herself finds out that maybe she can't trust them either when they have to gain her trust.


1. Looking For Survivors

Molly's POV

I am alone in the apocalypse, Im also walking down a road to I don't know where. I haven't slept days, trying to find other survivors. As I was about to fall to the ground and give up, I saw a prison with survivers. I start to run to, what looks like the entrance, when a killer tries to bite me, I call them killers. "Help me please" I yell trying to take my only weapon out, my knife, as I stab a killer in the head, it falls on me. I tried to push it off but it was to heavy, another killer is coming at me and I can't find my knife. As the killer is about to bite my arm, it falls and I hear a gunshot. I look and see a boy in a sherrifs hat and a older man. I try to get the killer off me still, I look up and see the sherrif boy pushing the killer off me. I stand up seeing killers everywhere, "come on" the boy says grabbing my arm. We got inside and the boy lets go of me and I trip not seeing where I was going. I look up and see guns pointed at me, "Hi, Im Molly Deller, Im im not here to hurt you Im just trying to find survivers" I say hoping they won't pull thee trigger. "Ok, I wanna ask you a few questions before anything" the man says to me, "ya sure" I say watching them both put their guns in their holders. "How many walkers have you killed, how many people, why" he asks me, "walkers?" I ask with a confused look on my face. "Those things that tried to kill you" the boy says to me kinda laughing , "you mean killers? That's what I call them" I say looking at the boy and back to the man. "Well we call them walkers" he says, "ok well to many to count on my fingers, nobody living but nearly 1, because he saved me from a herd and told me not to shoot him in the head" I say looking at the ground. "Ok, Im Rick Grimes and that's my son Carl Grimes" Rick says to me while pointing at Carl. I smile and wave to Carl, "lets go meet everyone else" Rick says to me while puts out his hand to help me up. I take his hand and stand up, "thanks" I say to him letting go of his hand and starting to have a little crush on him. "No problem" he says with a cute smile.

Carl's POV

I help Molly up from her sitting on the ground, she thanks me "no problem" I tell her as she lets go of my hand. As we go inside to introduce her to everyone, I am starting to have a crush on her with her cute smile, her brown beautiful eyes, and her brown hair.

Rick's POV

"Everyone this is Molly Deller, she is a newcomer" I say as they all come to meet her. Daryl comes in last qnd I grab his arm, "I need to talk to you" Daryl nods and we walk into another area. "I want you to keep a extra eye on that girl" I tell him as he looks confused, "why? she looks like a regular girl" he asks me. "I just saw her try to kill about 2 walkers and 1 fell on her and she couldn't get it off" I tell him giving him a seriose look, "so, she is a little weak, we can tuffen her up" Daryl tells me. "I don't know, maybe she is acting weak, but I still wanna keep a eye on her" I say, "ok" he says finally agreeing with me. I walk back in where everyone was and I see Carl and Molly bonding and I don't want him to get to close to her. I see Beth hand my daughter Judith, I try to stop her but I stop. I see Judith smiling and laughing and likes her a lot, which it is hard for her to like someone, like a girl, that fast. I also see Carl smiling, I haven't seen him smile in what feels like infinity.

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