To Trust Or Be Trusted

Meet Molly Deller. She has been alone for 7 months alone in the apocalypse when she finds survivors at a prison when she doesn't know they have a lot of trust issues and they don't know she has a huge secrete before and durning it all began she has to gain their trust when she herself finds out that maybe she can't trust them either when they have to gain her trust.


4. Distance Or Else

Carl's POV

I tell my dad what happened and he runs out, I run after him and hear him talking to Molly. "I WILL KILL YOU" I hear my dad kinda yelling at her making me mad, I then hear Molly say something but to low to hear it through the door. It goes quiet so I walk back to my cell ticked off and sit on my bed thinking about what my dad said to her, I look to see my dad walk past my cell looking at me I layed down and turned away from him. I passed out and wake up to Judith playing with my hair and giggling making me smile as I sit up and place her on my lap, I see Beth sitting in a chair by my bed "hey you got him up finally" she tells Judith in a funny voice that makes her giggle. "How long was I asleep for" I ask rubbing my eyes then bounce Judith a bit, "you were asleep about the whole day, it's sunset outside though" she says taking Judith from me and starts to walk out. "Hey do you know where Molly is" I ask her before she could step outside my cell, "you mean your new crush Molly or the new girl that you want to be more then friends with Molly?" she asks laughing as I feel myself blush a little. "I like her as a friend for your information" I say to her as she walks back to the chair, "so telling her to sleep in your hoodie to stay warm, sleep in your bunk, and just now asking where she is at is liking her as a friend" she say giving me that look saying are you serious. "Yes it's called becoming close good friends" I say wishing I didn't "whatever you say Carl, still don't believe you but whatever your girlfriend is still on guard duty she say I was taking care of Judith and asked if I wanted her to take my shift and she did no matter what I said" Beth tells me and leaves. I go outside to the guard tower and see Carol and Molly.

Molly's POV

I walk back up stairs to Carol wanting to cry but don't, and few hours pass and I took Beth's shift for her. I hear footsteps coming up and see its Carl, "Hey Carol I'll take the rest of your shift you can go eat" Carl says as Carol leaves just the two of us. I don't look at Carl and keep 10ft away from him and we stay silent for at least 3 minutes, "Molly? Can I ask you something" Carl asks me but I don't answer but slightly look to see him at the corner of my eye. "What were you like before the world came to the end" he asks me as I remember my nightmare before I live this even worse nightmare, "not really much just a normal life" I lie to him holding back tears from my past. I can feel him stareing at me and not beliving me "normal like how?" he asks me as I turn my head the other way to hide looking like I am about to cry, "like every normal teenage life going to high school, doing homework, being a only child, and just a teens life" I lie again hoping he would change the subject. I know he still doesn't believe me but he doesn't ask me anything else and goes to dead silence but broke from the sound of a motor, I then see Daryl coming back on his bike as I head towards the gate. As I go to let him in I keep think I need to keep my distance or else, I don't know what would happen or if Rick would do something.

Daryl's POV

I get back to the prison and I see Molly open it, I hop off my bike and go find Rick. Carl comes out from the guard tower and stops me, "Daryl can I talk to you?" He asks me as I completely stop where I was and look at him. "Does Molly seen a bit off or is it just me" he asks me as I look back at the gates where Molly was still at, "well she is new and she just has to blend in and get use to everything, she'll be okay" I say as Carl nods him head and heads back up the tower. I continue to find Rick to tell him what I found, I find Rick and grab his arm to lead him to a different room. "Rick you will never believe what I found" I say to him trying how to say it without him freaking out.

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