To Trust Or Be Trusted

Meet Molly Deller. She has been alone for 7 months alone in the apocalypse when she finds survivors at a prison when she doesn't know they have a lot of trust issues and they don't know she has a huge secrete before and durning it all began she has to gain their trust when she herself finds out that maybe she can't trust them either when they have to gain her trust.


3. Can We Trust You? Can I Trust You?

Carl's POV

I wake up to hearing the front door open and close, I look down to see Molly GONE! I jump down and grab my shoes and head towards the door and head outside, I look around and see her spreading out the walkers from a huge group I walk down toward her to help her but she sneaks out of the prison. I follow her and hide behind a tree, I start to hear moaning and see a huge herd of walkers coming. I run behind Molly and cover her mouth with my hand tell her to shush, I look around and see a tree opening and run with Molly to hide in. I look and see walkers all over the place and look at Molly, I don't see or hear any walkers anymore I get out of the tree but Molly stays inside it and I check to see if it's ok. I all of a sudden hear leaves rattle and a walker trying to get Molly, I push the walker off of her but the walker brings me down with it making me lose my knife somewhere in the leaves and dark. I struggle to get away from the walker but it sinks its teeth into the bottom of my shoe, Molly stabs it in the head, I look at my shoe and see it only got my shoe and not me. "OH MY GOSH DID IT GET YOU" Molly asks running to my side and panicking, "no it only got my shoes not me" I say feeling relieved as I see Molly feeling relieved also. "Are you okay" I ask her not seeing her after I fell and not seeing if anything got her, "I'm fine, I'm sorry Carl this is all my fault you almost got killed because of me" Molly says sounding like she's about to cry. I grab her and hug her as tightly, "this isn't your fault and I'm ok" I say as I hear her start crying on my shoulder, we are both on the ground on our knees and I don't want her to be sad, this is the first time I have seen her cry or be sad and I hate it and I never want her to be like this again.

Molly's POV

The walker brings Carl to the ground and bites his shoe, I grab my knife and stab it in the head and run to Carl scared and sad. "OH MY GOSH DID IT GET YOU" I say panicking, "no it only got my shoes not me" he tells me as I feel relieved but also mad at myself. He asks me if I was okay And I tell him I am, "I'm sorry Carl this is my fault you almost got killed because of me" I say on the verge of tears, he pulls me and hugs me tightly and I hug him back and can't hold back and start crying on his shoulder. We stand up and start walking back to the prison and we were silent the whole way, it was about a 5 minute walk but we get back to the prison and go the same way we snuck out. We get inside the prison and head towards our cells, "oh here" I say taking off Carl's hoodie and hand it to him and walk to me cell. I lay down and shut my eyes for a sec and there is a knock it's Carol. "Molly, wake up we work today" she says as I exhale and get up, we get to the guard tower and you can see about a mile or so of trees and walkers on the gates. I hear footsteps coming up the steps and it's Rick and he looks mad.

Rick's POV

I wake up from Judith crying, I pick her up and head to the cafeteria to feed her, I feed Judith and put her back in her crib, I go to check on Molly and she wasn't there. I run outside to Daryl, "Molly's gone have you seen her" I ask ticked off as Daryl shakes his head, "no I haven't maybe she went to the bathroom" he says. "Keep a eye out I don't trust her" I say running back inside, I check inside my cell and Judith's ok I then go to Carl's and he wasn't there just pillows to make it look like him. I search all the cells and the bathroom and no sign, ask Beth to watch Judith for me then run outside again to Daryl even more ticked off. 10 minutes and we still can't find Carl or that Molly girl, I go to check in cell block D but no luck. I walk back and see Carl in his cell I run in and hug him tightly, "WHERE WERE YOU, WHAT HAPPENED, WHERE IS THAT MOLLY GIRL, DID SHE KIDNAP YOU AND TAKE YOU SOMEWHERE!" I ask mad and relieved that Carl's ok. "I saw Molly go outside the prison so I followed her and there was a herd of walkers passing but we're ok, she went to her cell she didn't kidnap me or anything" Carl tells me but I go to her cell and she isn't there again. I check the guard tower and find her with Carol. "Molly may I have a WORD with you" I say walking down the steps again and she comes down behind me, "WHY WERE YOU OUTSIDE THE PRISON, ARE YOU TRYING TO PULL SOMETHING TO HURT THIS GROUP, CAUSE IF YOU ARE I WILL KILL YOU" I say with anger in my voice. "I couldn't sleep so I went outside for some air I saw I guess a light and went to check it out, I'm not trying to pull anything to hurt this group I wouldn't doing like that, I'm just trying to help out" she tells me. "Can we even trust you? Can I even trust you?" I ask her. She looks at me shocked and it goes quiet for a few minutes, "keep some distance from this group and my son" I say walking away.

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