The Beggining Of A Different Life

Charlotte gets home to two surprises and having a good day over her life being sucky over her family not being together and having to go through high school when she didn't know that everything was about to change with the entire world and meeting a person that might take a new spot in her life.


5. Chapter 5: She's Dead

"Who is this, why do you have my dads phone, where is he?" I ask freaking out, "calm down we found this phone on the ground and saw it was still alive it was getting a call, where are you?" the voice asked me. "I'm somewhere" I say to the person, "well can we come to you if your safe that way we can find our friend and then we will eave you if you want" they say as I walk to the wall where I toosed over the dead person and looked around. "How many are you" i asked, "5 but we lost our friend and were trying to find them so 4" the person says to me with a cracky voice, "okay but once you find your friend you will leave, right?" I ask kind of in a smart alicy tone, "YES, yes yes yes yes yes of course thank you so much you have no ideas how much this means....." they say but I cut them off. "Where are you and your people" I say while looking around of the ground floor, "we are by gun safe are in a room" they say as I can hear banging and moaning, "does the room have a boarded up window" I say as I see a lot of dead people banging on a door by the gun safes, "yes do you see us" they ask as the moaning gets louder. "Yes I see you and I see a lot of dead people also, and see that there is a lot of them out here your gonna need camouflage to pass through them all" I tell them as I put the phone on speaker while putting on the gutty coat and gloves again. "HOW ARE WE SUPPOSE TO DO THAT" I hear a different voice yell, "if you listen to me and do as I EXACTLY then you might just live" I say as I put the off speaker. "What must we do" the voice from before asks, "did you kill any that was in the room" I say, "yes" they tell me, "what I say you HAVE TO DO, find a coat and gloves put them on, then cut open its stomach and start rubbing the guts and everything in the coats" I tell them and push the button to go down. "NO WAY I AM NOT DOING THA..." the other voice yells again "DO IT OR YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO GET OUT IF THERE ALIVE" I yell back at them, "fine" they respond back. "Do that then wait till I get to you guys" I say hanging up the phone, the elevator finally gets to the floor and I step inside, I look and see the still wet blood from my ride buddy and put some of it on my face. I reach the bottom floor and enter as a dead thing, I start to get closer to the door and banging on the door like them, "moan let me in moan moan its me from the phone moan" I say as one of the dead look at me. I get pulled inside and see 2 guys by the door, "man are we glad to see you" the first voice from the the phone says, I look around and I see another guy get done covering his self in guts and I see another person I can't tell if it's a girl or guy. "Um ok is everyone covered in guts and all" I ask slowly looking away from the person I can't tell from, "yes by the way I'm Jake, that's Connor by the door, that's Andrew by the biter, and that is Makenna also by the biter" Jake says pointing to everyone. Jake has black short hair, green eyes, and was a little tall and was obviously the first voice from the phone, Connor has blonde hair, hazel eyes, and looked about a inch smaller then Jake, Andrew has black hair also, brown eyes, and wore glasses, and Makenna, her name sounded so familiar and then she showed herself, she has brown long curly wavy hair, brown solid eyes, and braces, everything about her jogged my memory, I knew her. "Um Ok then we act like we are one of them, don't attract attention, stay together, and stay calm" I say to all of them. We all leave the room and I lead them toward the elevator, we are half way there when I hear "OH MY GOD GINA IS ONE OF THEM", I turn around and see Andrew pointing to the girl I saw earlier, that I was gonna help but was to late, all the dead people were looking at us and started after us. "RUN" I yell and get to the elevator as it opens, we all enter as I repeatedly pressed the close button, it closes in time and we are all safe, "anyone bit or hurt" I ask, "everyone's ok" Jake says. The elevator doors open to the top floor when all of a sudden all I see is a gun in my face, "please don't hurt us" I hear Jake again as I look at the persons face and I couldn't believe it, I see a little figure run up to me from behind the person with the gun and grab me and hug me, "CHARLOTTE" I hear and look to see it was Naomi and Carl was holding the gun, I step out of the elevator and hug Namoi tightly, "see I told you I would find you" I said laughing and with tears in my eyes. I stand up and look at Carl and he grabs me and hugs me tightly also like he hasn't seen me in years, "I'm so glad to see you" he says sounding like he was about to cry and let's go of me. "Who are these people" I hear Naomi ask and runs behind me, I look at all of them and then Makenna and I see her crying and we run up to each other and hug and cry on each others shoulders. "I thought I would never see you again" I say looking at her and seeing her smiling and crying, "um I'm confused on what just happened and HOW GINA BECAME ONE OF THOSE THINGS WHEN SHE WAS WITH US THE ENTIRE MORNING WITH THE DOOR BARRICADED" Connor yells as I see Carl rise the gun a little but I lower it a little. "Makenna and I are childhood bestfriends, and I don't know how she got away from you guys, but I saw her earlier running and I was about to help her but it was to late, I'm sorry" I say, Connor pushes me to the wall and puts his arm on my throat. "WHY DIDNT YOU TELL US SHE'S DEAD" he yells in my face, Carl pushes him off me onto the ground and punches him in the face 5 times then points the gun in his face, "I didn't know that was her" I say while coughing, I walk over to Carl and lift his chin showing him I'm ok and to calm down and put the gun down, Carl put the gun away and gets off Connor and looks at me. Carl barbs me again and hugs me tighter then he did, does he like me like that?

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