The Beggining Of A Different Life

Charlotte gets home to two surprises and having a good day over her life being sucky over her family not being together and having to go through high school when she didn't know that everything was about to change with the entire world and meeting a person that might take a new spot in her life.


4. Chapter 4: Hello? Can You Hear Me?

A dead person lunges at me and I kick its knees and stomp on its head smashing it, more start to come at me and I move out of the way and find a sharp pole on the ground and drab it. I stab a few in the head then more are starting to come surround me and lung at me, I take the pole and ram through 3 of them in the stomach and start pushing and making a path. I push the pole away making the 3 dead people fall to the ground, I start running and pushing things behind me blocking their way. I find a door and run into it, it was a small janitors closet with only one door and I'm blocking that door. Banging starts coming from the door and it is starting to give and bust open, I look all around and find a air vent I quicly climb a shelf and open the air vent. I start to climb inside, the door couldn't take it anymore and busted open letting the herd in the closet. I make it inside te vent and start crawling around trying to find my way, I stop to take a break and breath. All of a sudden I start to feel a buzzling coming from my pocket, it was my phone, oh my gosh I had forgot about my phone, I had 12 missed calls from my dad. I call my dad and it rings but doesn't answer, I try again and no answer, I try for the 5th time and the ringing stopped on the 2nd ring. "Hello?! Dad, daddy are you there, dad I'm in the air vents I'm okay and so is Carl but we got split up but he went to......" I get cut off from a beeping sound saying the call ended. "DAD, DAD, DADDY PLEASE NO" I say crying, I wipe away my tears and look at my phones battery percent and it's fully charged, thankfully i don't go on my phone that much. I put my phone back into my pocket and start crawling again, I see a vent enterance and go to see where I am, it looked like I was in the fishing area, which is across the entire place of where the gun store was and also the direction Carl and Naomi were suppose to go. I look around and it looks like the area is clear, I jump down but hurt my ankle badly, I get up and a one of the dead starts walking toward me. I quickly grab fishing line and ler it towards a pole, I run around the pole and it's neck and pulled with everything I had off came its head, and blood squirted on me. I start to hear more moans and anther one comes but keeps walking and passes me, it must have been the blood that got on me that makes me smell and look like them. I start to look for a knife or something and see the 1 I just killed had a huge strong knife on it, I find a big light weight coat and find some gloves and put them on. (If you don't wanna read about guts and all I suggest you skip ths part) I stab the stomach and blood starts to flow out, I start to pull out organs and intestines and start rubbing them on the coat, as I pull out another orgin, blood shoots up and hits me in the face. I run to a corner and puke, I wipe away some of the puke from my face and go back to keep covering myself in the smell. (Ok for the people that skipped that part it stops here) I get done and I grab the knife and keep it in my hand for if one doesn't think I'm one of them, I start walking the way that Carl and Naomi went. As I turn the corner from the fishing area, it's like all of Bass Pro was full of them, I start walking and sounding like them. I see a teenage girl run and scream on the side of where all of them, as I was about to run over there and help her, they surround her and start tearing her apart but I didn't look. I kept walking and I see the elevator to go to the top floor where Carl and Naomi should be, I pick up the pase a little but not to much to be spotted. I walk by a fake stream and a dead person falls down and its head is smashed, I look up and see another one coming where I was, it falls on me and I push it off and get up. Someone must be pushing them off from the top floor, I continue walking and make it to the elevator, I push the button and it opens, with no hesitation I enter and try to close the doors fast but 1 enters with me and we go up. I am gripping the knife and step back a bit and stab it in the head, the doors open and I made it to the top, I pull out the ride buddy and toss him over to the ground floor. I take off the coat and gloves and toss them to the side for back up, look around and i don't see them, as I was about to say their names my phone starts buzzing again, I pull it out and its my dad. "Hello? Dad, dad are you there?" I ask "Hello? Hello can you hear me?" the voice says, but it isn't my dad, brothers, Rick, or Carl.

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